What is Local Inventory Ads & Why it is necessary?


What is Local Inventory Ads & Why it is necessary?

Let’s talk about, what is Local Inventory Ads?

And why it is necessary for retailers and eCommerce businesses? Today!

So first of all, we should know the world trend.

As we know World is trending towards Digital.

The smartphone and tablet changed consumer behaviors, enabling consumers to access and share information on the go.

Nowadays, almost everyone has a Smartphone in their hand.

With the improvement in Technology, the Ad world is also changing.

Also, Local newspaper is disappearing from the market.

That’s why it is time for Digital Ads.

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So, Let’s Talk:-


what is Local Inventory Ads?

Actually, The term “Local Inventory Ads” indicates Local Advertisement means the Ads for a local specific area.


Why it is necessary?

If we understand the benefits of LI Ads then we understand why it is necessary?

Benefits of LIA’s:-

  • Promote buyer awareness of inventory:-

                  LIA’s let local shoppers know that store has the items they’re looking for, at the very moment they’re searching.

  • An instant local storefront:-

                 Use the Google-hosted local storefront to enable virtual window shopping to localized shoppers.

                You can also choose to host your own Merchant Storefront to display your items through LIA’s.)

  • Performance Measurement:-

                Google’s built-in analytics allow the shop owners to monitor the impact of digital ads are having on foot traffic and in-store sales.

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