Features of Shopping Feed eCommerce data feed management software


As,I discussed what is Shopping Feed in earlier articles,named as “Multi-channel eCommerce data feed management software-Shopping Feed.”

Here I will show you,what is the features of Shopping Feed?

1. Fix your syndication struggle

  • Quickly build 1000’s of listings
  • Sync inventory & assets
  • Mass attribute assignment
  • Solve listing errors in bulk

2.Remove order fulfillment friction

  • Universal order fulfillment
  • Sync tracking & fulfillment
  • Edit & manage invoicing
  • Simplify fulfillment workflows


3.Enrich your products listings

  • Custom data for better listings
  • Automatic product tagging
  • Business Rules & ETL Tools
  • Codex of 8M+ attributes

4.Boost your visibility

  • Product Graph™ Technology
  • Built in SEO for Marketplaces
  • Attributes-rich channels
  • OMR = Organic Marketplace Reach


5.Provide all the tools for a better R.O.I

  • Conversion tracking
  • Auto-remove and stat-tracking
  • Mazeberry, Google Data Studio…
  • Smart UTM tag tracking

6.Interface with your entire stack

  • Inventory management for PIM
  • Custom Channels for retailers
  • Seamless CMS Relationship
  • Google LIA for Brick & Mortar


ir?t=vaishali02f 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B07CD2BN46 Features of Shopping Feed eCommerce data feed management software