How To Make Money Online through commodity trading


Now-a-day, It’s trending Online Earning. As you know today most of the young generation from the world are searching for Online Earning. This is only because of the Internet. There are lots of ways to earn money online.?cid=2653303 How To Make Money Online through commodity trading

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I will discuss here one way “how to earn money online” among lots of ways. Before going further I must say that without proper knowledge you can’t earn. So before to start to earn first learn about a particular field.

Without knowledge, you can’t earn for a long time. Therefore first learn and then start earning.

Here I am illustrating “How To Make Money Online through commodity trading” One Way among a lot of ways.

   Commodity Trading:-

It is the best way to earn money online with Low Investment. You can start your journey in commodity trading with a just investment of Rs.25,000/- to 50,000/-.

You can earn daily Rs.2,000/- to 5,000/- with this investment at your Home.

What you required to start Commodity Trading?

1. Trading Account

It provides a trading platform to trade and earn money online. There are many financial service provider which open a trading account for traders. You just need to open a trading account with any financial service provider.?cid=2653303 How To Make Money Online through commodity trading

But Remember some points before opening a Trading Account with any financial service provider:-

  • Margin Money- It has an important role in trading. Those financial services provide more margin money, an open trading account with them.
  • Commission- It also has more important because if the service provider gets less commission then you earn more profit. There is so many financial service provider which charges more commission so beware before open trading account.

WooCommerce I worked with 6 to 7 financial service providers in which Axis Direct, ICICI, UPSTOX, Angel Broking & more. These trading platform provider charges more commission and gives less margin money. Therefore you need more money to trade in the commodity.

After changing so many platforms I got “HPLIGA” which is giving more margin money and taking less commission.

Now, I am trading with “HPLIGA”. HPLIGA customer support is very helpful and gives a quick response. So I recommend you to don’t go Here & There, just open account with HPLIGA within 15 Minutes just click here.

“HPLIGA” also didn’t charge any amount for opening a trading account.


What is the document required for opening a trading account?

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. 6 Month Current Bank Statement
  4. 1 Photo with pan card
  5. 1 Canceled Cheque

With “HPLIGA” account opening is so easy, you just upload all documents online. You don’t need to send a physical document.

2. Trading Knowledge

In starting I already said that before earn you need to learn. Because this is the high risky market so you must have a good trading skill then you can earn huge money.

I am trading in the commodity market since 2016, so I have knowledge regarding trading. With working for more than 3 years in this market I know when to enter the market and exit from the market. If you don’t know when to enter & exit the chances of losing capital is more.

So, you can call me on 7004735692 or what’s up to me on this number.?cid=2653303 How To Make Money Online through commodity trading

I am also providing call trading and teaching people who want to earn money with the commodity market.

3. Indicator

It has a vital role in trading. So you must know which indicator is giving more accuracy in trading. There are many indicators so you can choose among them. The best indicators are RSI, Bollinger Bands, MACD.
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