Best Job Board Software 2020 For Small & Medium Organisations

I am writing about Best Job Board Software 2020 For Small & Medium Organisations.
AWeber Click Automations - Click this, send thatTechnology is improving day by day and all Sectors are utilising in the best way.Before 10 years, for recruitment organisations advertises on News Paper & by recruitment posters.

Then come digital job advertising like year some formats & trends are changing. Now, organisations are using Job Board Software for recruitment process. 


What is Job Board Software?  ?cid=2702734 Best Job Board Software 2020 For Small & Medium Organisations

This is Modern Recruiting Software to Hire people along with Applicant Tracking System.

What is Applicant Tracking system?

An Applicant Tracking System is a software that helps organisations in Hiring Process.

It provide organisations a centralized database services to process job applications & recommend the best candidate according to parameters set by organisations.


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Why small & medium organisations use Job Board Software?

Answer is very simple that these organisations having small bunch of employee,therefore Job Board Software is necessary. It reduces burden of employee.

Here I am Highlighting about “Top Job Board Software 2020 For Small & Medium Organisations” which suite your organisations.

 Best Job Board Software 2020 For Small & Medium Organisations

 VIVAHR is a top job board software for small & medium Organisations.

First question arises in your mind is that “Why VIVAHR not Others“?

  • Let me explain Why VIVAHR is top job board and suits your organization’s profile?
  • VIVAHR is known for a powerful recruiting platform that drives more candidates to your jobs than any other service provider.
  • It uses different culture profile builder to each job posting.
  • VIVAHR Creates a unique landing page for every job for your candidates.


Features of VIVAHR:-                          

  • Publish and Share Jobs Online                                                                                  
  • Social Job Sharing
  • Resume Upload                                                                                                                
  • Structure and Customize Your Interview Process
  • Branded Careers Website                          jivo chat
  • User Access Controls
  • Custom Recruiting Pipeline                             
  • CSV Export
  • Custom Scorecards
  • Full Customer Support
  • Powerful and Secure APIs
  • Candidate Database
  • Candidate Feedback Portal
  • Custom Pre-screening Questionnaires
  • Tagging                                                                                             
  • Email Templates
  • Native Integration with Zapier
  • Rich Candidate Profiles
  • Bulk Candidate Emailing
  • Team Collaboration
  • Unlimited Job Postings
  • Unlimited Applicants

VIVAHR gives a reasonable price to suit your budget ranges from $600 to $1500 per year.

Click Here to go to VIVAHR Site or click on the word VIVAHR

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