World Wide Work Categories/Profession

World Wide Work Categories/Profession

The global workplace Scenario is changing due to Automation, Artificial Intelligence & Robots.

By 2030, Worldwide working categories or professions that being affected by the development of new technology.

I am Highlighting about Worldwide Work Categories/Professions.

We must know what is the new trend is coming & what would be the effect of that trend in our life. 


                       World Wide Work Categories/Profession



1. Creatives           


Includes: Artists, designers, entertainers, media workers.


2. Technology professionals


Includes: Computer engineers, computer specialists


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3. Teachers


Includes: Schoolteachers, postsecondary teachers, other education professionals, education support workers



4. Managers and Executives


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5. Builders


Includes: Building engineers, architects, surveyors, construction workers, installation and repair workers, crane and tower operators 


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6. Care providers


Includes: Doctors, nurses, physician assistants, pharmacists, therapists, health aides and health support, childcare workers, health technicians, community and social workers


7. Professionals   


Includes: Account managers, engineers, business and financial specialists, lawyers and judges, legal industry support staff, math specialists, scientists, and academics


8. Office support


Includes: IT workers, information and record clerks, office-support workers, financial workers (procurement, payroll, etc), administrative assistants




9. Predictable physical work


Includes: Fine-equipment installation and repair workers, protective services, gaming- industry workers, dishwashers, cleaning- equipment operators, food-preparation workers, general mechanics


10. Customer interaction       


Includes: Food-service workers, sales workers (retail and online), therapeutic workers (personal trainers), entertainment attendants, personal-appearance workers, hotel and travel workers


11. Unpredictable physical work


Includes: Specialized mechanics and repair, emergency first responders, material movers and loaders, machinery installation and repair workers, agricultural field workers, transportation maintenance, building and grounds cleaners


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