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social media marketing tools The Best Facebook Messenger and SMS Marketing Tool


As my topic is “The best Facebook messenger and SMS Marketing tool” which reflects online marketing tools. 

Here, I will talk about this tool where it is used, and what is its importance?

The online marketing tool is used in online eCommerce business & Services for lead generation.

Online e-commerce business is on the rise.

The rivalry is also increasing in the eCommerce business.

Many online eCommerce websites are opening every month.

The main purpose of the potential business is to keep the customer in the place.

Every year new-new advertisement media is exploring.

How to keep your customer in place is a new issue arising in front of every online e-commerce entrepreneur.

You know today a mixture of the medium is available for ads like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Tik-Tok ads.


A lot of promotions and advertisements continue to come in front of Customers.

The current generation is keeping busy more with social sites.

Average 7-8 years boys & girls are also using social sites and busy with mobile.

Today,s customer buying trend is changing they are more using messenger for the query about product.

Facebook Messenger is emerging as a new channel to grow eCommerce business.

Therefore I will tell you about the best Facebook messenger tool that is being used by a lot of online stores like BottleKeeper, TruthNutra.

I am saying “Octane AI“.

Octane AI is the best Facebook messenger and SMS marketing automation Platform for eCommerce brands.


The Best Facebook Messenger and SMS Marketing Tool 


Why Facebook Messenger is so important?


Because Messenger has become one of the world’s most popular messaging tools.

The messenger brings people and businesses closer together.

Currently, there are approximately 400,000 businesses on the Messenger Platform.

Over Messenger, eCommerce brands can create interactive conversations with customers and recommend products, offerings, discounts, and more.

The message open rate is around 80% on messenger.

Now, Why “Octane AI” is the best Facebook messenger tool?

Because Octane AI connects together many eCommerce applications that improve customer experience, Sync Customer Data, and increase sales.

Octane AI is a significant tool for messenger marketing.

When a customer clicks on Facebook ads then Octane AI communicates via messenger with the customer and converts them into leads.

But you know that without Octane AI when you run Facebook ads customers click on your ads to visit your website.

Only 2% to 10% of customers give their email in pop-ups and the rest is lost.

But Octane AI doesn’t let your customer lose as Octane AI starts the conversation with the customer when they click on your promotion.

You can also send Messenger campaigns for new sales, products, offers, discounts, and many more. 


It looks like this…


octane ai


How to startOctane AI“:-



  • Shopify Merchants can go directly to the Shopify app store and search for Octane AI.


  • Simply click the “Add app” and follow the instructions.


  • This will only take a few minutes, and no coding is required.  


Click Here to go to “Octane AI”


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