Top Paying Paid to Click (PTC) sites

Top Paying Paid to Click (PTC) sites


Top Paying Paid to Click (PTC) sites 

If you are searching for, How to earn extra money online by viewing ads, Surveys, and many more then you are in the right place. Here, I covered Top paying paid to click (PTC) sites.

PTC is the best way to earn money online without investment.

You need an internet &  android mobile phone or laptop.

Many people from around the globe are earning by the PTC method.

PTC work should be on a daily schedule so that your income will grow.

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ClicxSense is now changed to ySense.

ySense has come with new features like surveys and offers to make money from top brands like Uber & Tidal.

Work at

  • Surveys
  • Offers
  • Tasks
  • Affiliates

Daily Work Checklist:-

  • 10 task 
  • 2 survey
  • 2 offers
  • Addon
  • streak

You have to complete the Daily checklist guidelines provided by to qualify to earn money.

Daily checklist guidelines provided by to qualify to earn money:-

a. Complete at least 10 Figure Eight Tasks


b. Complete at least 2 offers or surveys 


c. Complete at least 5 Figure Eight Tasks and at least 1 Offer or Surveys

Features of

  • If you complete your Daily Checklist task, a bonus of 16% will be added to your account balance at the end of the day.

You will get the bonus from daily:-

  • Daily Checklist Bonus 12.0%
  • ySenseAddon Extra Bonus 2.0%
  • Activity Extra Bonus 2.0%
  • Maximum Possible Bonus16.0%

But for bonus has rules & regulations that should be fulfilled

  • For ySense Addon Extra Bonus:-

To get this extra bonus you have to run the ySense Addon for at least one hour after completing the checklist task.

Survey notifications must be enabled under options.

  • For Activity Extra Bonus:-

If you complete the checklist three days in a row then you will earn this extra bonus on the third day and regular daily basis provided that you complete the checklist continuously.

But if you fail to complete the checklist on any day the bonus will reset.

See the table for better understanding:-

pay click

Payout option available at

  1. Payoneer – Minimum Payout value $52 ($2 fee).
  2. Paypal – Minimum Payout value $10.
  3. Reward Link India – Minimum payout $7. This is especially a gift card.
  4. Skrill – Minimum payout $5.05. Skrill charges 1% for every transaction.
  5. Steam – Minimum payout £50.

To join Click Here

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2. NeoBux


Work at NeoBux

  • To See Advertisement
  • Mini Jobs
  • Surveys
  • Games
  • Offers

To join Neobux Click Here                 

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3. Paidverts


Paidverts is little different from other PTC because it gives you a chance to earn from a few cents to whole dollars with a few clicks.

When you joined Paidverts will give 300 BAPs (Bonus Ad Points) as a welcome bonus.

As in the starting, I said paid to click is continuous work, which means you should do daily checklist work.

If you will regular then you will get Bonus ads Points.

Paidverts give daily BAP rewards points daily you have to claim.

Works at Paidverts:-                 

  • To see Ads
  • Play games

There are Eights Steps which you should have to follow to earn money through Paid Verts:-

  1. You got a welcome bonus.
  2. Maximize your earnings  –                                                                                                         The second step is to Maximise your earning Dashboard where you can complete your task or you can go quickly for another level of work by buying ads.
  3. Paid Ads  – you have to check daily once.
  4. Achievement & Bonuses  – These are the widgets where you can check your achievement & rewards.
  5. Games  – You can play games and search for other features of Paid Verts.
  6. Cash offers  – Check your offers.
  7. Buy Ads – You can Buy Ads Campaigns.
  8. Upgrade and Manage your accounts.

Payout method at Paid Verts:-      

  • Perfect Money
  • Solid Trust Pay
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Okpay
  • Payeer

To join Paid Verts Click Here

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4. My Traffic Value


My Traffic value gives you different ways of earning online money.

Categories of My Traffic Value:-

Project Funding:-

This is the place where you can fund your money in the upcoming project of My Traffic Value.

Every project detail you will see before investing money.

You can also check what is the Return on your Investment.


This is the area where you can invest your money.

There are many portfolios that are designed by My Traffic Value.

All Portfolio details you check before investment.

Play Games:-

In this section, you will earn money by playing games.

This section is best for game lovers because here you will find different types of games like…

  • Skill Games
  • Table Games
  • Jackpot games
  • Random Number
  • Video Poker & More!

To join My Traffic Value Click Here

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5. Click Genie 

banner Click Genie work is very simple to earn money online that you don’t need to go to the click genie website daily.

It is an email reading the PTC website.

What you need to follow only 5 steps:-
  1. Click Here to go to the website of Click Genie
  2. You register on Click Genie
  3. Validate your account
  4. Start receiving email from Click Genie Advertiser
  5. You need to open every email, Click and stay on the advertiser website for a fixed amount of time, you get paid.

You will earn more by referring to your friends & other people.

Earn referral income up to 5 Levels.

Level Paid To read Email Commission %
1 100%
2 70%
3 60%
4 50%
5 40%

If you are not opening the Click Genie website then you can open an email sent by Click Genie, open the email and watch the ad & get paid.

But remember if you don’t visit any of the ads and don’t log in to your account at least once every 15 days then your account will be deleted & you will lose your previous earnings.

At Last, Top Paying Paid to Click (PTC) sitesThank You for reading the post. Kindly like the post & subscribe to the blog.

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