Earn Money Online By Reading Email

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To know what things are needed for this work before proceeding:-

  • Smartphone/Laptop/Tablet
  • Internet

                      Earn Money Online By Reading Email



1. paid-to-read-email.com 

Earn Money Online By Reading Email

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2. Clicks Genie

Clicks Genie is the best site for earning money only by reading an email.

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Now let’s talk about how you work with Clicks Genie:-

Clicks Genie works in a very simple way:-

  1. You signup on the Clicks Genie website.
  2. You validate your account.
  3. You will start receiving daily emails from clicks genie advertisers.
  4. For every email you open, click, and stay on the advertisers’ website for a predetermined amount of time, you get paid.
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