How to create a content video for YouTube-VidInc


Really! you are searching for how to create a content video for youTube then you are in right place. This article is about how to create a content video for YouTube.

Before going further I want to tell you something about content video creation. Nowadays the content video is a jumbo market on YouTube. Millions of YouTubers are making money from the content video. That’s why it is essential for you to know the best way for the creation of a content video.


As you know, many skills are required to create content videos.

vidincMaking videos from scratch is extremely tedious and difficult…

  1. You need to put together the original content you want to add to the video.  
  2. You have to use some sort of software program to make the content look good. 
  3. You’ll need to add a voice-over (nobody likes silent videos)
  4. When the video is done, you have to manually share it on social media and YouTube.

Doing ALL of these tedious tasks can take a tremendous amount of time and effort on your part. 

And this is why most affiliate marketers simply avoid video all together… even though it’s proven to be one of the most lucrative traffic & profit methods online. 

But don’t worry, now I will tell you how to create a content video for YouTube without any skills. 

The easiest way “how to create a content video for YouTube” is “VidInc”.

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How to create a content video for YouTube-VidInc

First I am explaining about “VidInc”……


“VidInc” is a Software that turns Web-Pages Into a Content Videos in only 3 Clicks.

It is used by anyone either you are new or professional in the video creation field.


Now let’s know more about “VidInc”——-

To make content video through “VidInc” you don’t need any technical and video making skills.
It only needs 3 Clicks/////Copy – Paste – Click 

  • Copy – Paste – Click – Create For FREE Traffic & Sales

You have not required Websites, Domains or Additional Cost to run VidInc.
You also make Speech Voice to your full text.

If you really want to Make Money Online ———-

  • You need targeted traffic daily.
  • VidInc software has 5 years of work experience in this field and people are making money online.

The best part of this software is that you can make a video on a different Content or Niche and you can make money.


  • Turn any page link into video in minutes – Just ‘Copy & Paste’
  • Turn any blog post into a content video instantly 
  • Full text to speech Voice-Over Included – 170 Languages
  • YouTube Integration – Direct upload finished videos to YouTube
  • Auto-post videos for instant traffic
  • Multi-Lingual Interface via Google Translate
  • Full Image integration 
  • Spin each video & upload multiple times for more free traffic


The Easiest Formula For Affiliate Profits Is Content Video 

  • It really is a simple way for Affiliate Marketer.  
  • When you can easily churn out fresh new video content in minutes, not only will those videos become “traffic magnets” online, but they’ll also help you begin to generate really commission checks for years to come as well! 



Steps by Steps Guide to using VidInc ————–

Grab your affiliate link URL for that product.
Find a great article online. 
Copy the article URL and use VidInc to convert the article into a new video. 
Once your video is complete, simply use VidInc to upload it directly to YouTube and also auto-publish to social media sites like Twitter with your link in the description. 
Upload one video multiple times, but with different titles and descriptions to make them unique. 

Once you have published several videos, people will find through the search engine on youtube or social media. Lot’s of people will go through your affiliate link and buy the product, you will make money.

Features of VidInc……..


  • Create a Video from Any URL or Website  
  • ​Create Videos from  ANY Website, Affiliate Sites, Blogs, Sales Pages, Review sites  
  • ​Built-in Realistic Human-like Voice Over of for All Your Videos (170 languages)  
  • Use your Own Voice or Upload your own MP3 file for audio  
  • Add Intro + Outros to your videos including Images, Text, and Text to Voice Narration  
  • ​Comes with Built-in Image Editor for Creating Intro/Outro Images  
  • ​In 1-Click, Find Thousands of Royalty-Free Images for use in Videos  
  • ​Upload Videos to Youtube   
  • Auto Post on Social Network platforms – Traffic to video  
  • ​Add Unlimited Social Accounts for Blowing up Your Traffic 
  • ​Multi-Lingual Interface via Google Translate 
  • Video spintax system: Upload Same Video Multiple Times with different titles and description   
  • Use your Own Voice or Upload your own MP3 file for audio​​  
  • ​Customize Your Video Pages with Headline & CTA Buttons 
  • ​Integrate Affiliate Links in Your Youtube Videos + Video Pages

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