Improve Website Speed with ezoic|Speed up your website Today



The speed of your website page increases the conversion rate of your website.

Due to more conversion of website Google Rank your website which makes your website page appear worldwide in search Index easily.

You will also be using and doing a lot of ways to speed up your website.

But all the ways become useless or work for a few days, not always because of which you are disturbed.

Today I am going to share with you information that will relieve your website speed-related discomfort.

Improve Website Speed with ezoic|Speed up your Website Today

First, know about “Ezoic” then will learn about their work ——



Ezoic is an end-to-end digital technology platform for website owners/publishers with a wide variety of apps & technology that are designed to help publishers/website owners.

It is a Google Certified Publishing Partner company.


Ezoic is the first and only automated website testing company.

Ezoic not only Increases your Website page speed but also does lots of work like AD Tester, Big Data Analytics, AMP Converter, Google ADS Manager, Content Tester & More.

But here you will know only about Ezoic Site Speed Tester—–

Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator instantly increases your website speed, page load times, and PageSpeed Insights scores.

With one-click, your site can see faster mobile visitor experiences and Google PageSpeed Insight scores.

No broken pages, no coding, and no troubleshooting loaded at your website page.

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Let’s see how Ezoic increases your website speed—-

1. Solve Google Pagespeed Issues:-

  • Ezoic work on CSS and Javascript, defer offscreen images, reduce server response time, remove unused CSS, and reduce the impact of 3rd-party code (including ads).

2. Instantly Optimize Images:-

  • Ezoic toils image size & solve issues related to images, compression, or serving images in next-gen formats.
  • Ezoic allows you to lazy-load images, optimize resizing, and serve them in next-gen formats simply by toggling on the Site Speed.

3. Control Powerful Features:-

  • Ezoic automates powerful features that speed up your website.


Let’s know the benefits of Fast Speed Website &  Higher page Speed Scores:-

1.Improve “SEO”

2.Increase your “Revenue”

3.Improve user experience

  • Ezoic removes the negative impact of slow page load times on visitor experiences.


After activating Site Speed Accelerator, the average PageSpeed Insights Scores of your website using the tool increase an average of 200%.

Especially slow sites have seen bounce rates cut in half by the real site speed delivered to visitors.

How to access and Use the Site Speed Accelerator?
  1. Click Here create an Ezoic Account ( You can use Ezoic Free Trial)
  2. Integrate with Ezoic 
  3. Create a new version to preview and test
  4. Choose the “Recommended” settings
  5. Preview the versions.
  6. Test the preview URL to see your score
  7. Activate version on your live website