Best Video Interview Software Spark Hire

Best Video Interview Software Spark Hire


Starting off 2020 is crucial for every industry in the world.

As you know the COVID-19 has turned the entire world into a lockdown.

Nobody ever thought of the whole world will be in lockdown in 2020.

But we and you are going through this situation.

COVID-19 has forced industry and every person of the world to find new ways of work.

Because you know the slogan of the whole world- “Stay Home, Save Live”.

Before the arrival of 2020, interviews for recruitment were taken in a lot of ways.

But video interviews have proved to be the best way out for recruitment from 2020.

That’s why in this section I am going to tell you about “Best Video Interview Software Spark Hire“.



Best Video Interview Software Spark Hire


Spark-Hire is the Best Video Interview Software.

First of all, it’s important to know about “Spark Hire“.


Spark Hire


Spark-Hire is the fastest growing Video Interviewing platform across the world.

It is giving its services in over 100 countries.

It is easy to use video interviewing platform.

Spark-Hire is used by more than 5000+ customers conducting video interviews.


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Spark-Hire Features




  • It is consistently available and allows users to complete tasks reliably.


2. Interoperability


  • It connects to external systems and applications as needed to complete team workflows.


3. Reporting


  • Provides analytics tools that reveal important business metrics and track progress.


4. Automation


  • It also Automates all tasks.


5. Reminders


  • It sends reminders automatically to all parties before an interview.


6. Email Template


  • It provides users with a pre-built library of useable email templates.


7. Rescheduling


  • It provides interviewer, time, and location alternatives on short notice.


8. Technology


  • It provides pre-recorded and/or live interviewing technology.


9. File Sharing


  • It provides robust sharing options for communication with both internal and external stakeholders.


10. Customization


  • It allows administrators to customize to accommodate their unique processes. 


  • It includes the ability to create custom objects, fields, rules, calculations, and views.


11. Monitoring


  • It contains application performance monitoring capabilities.


12. Dashboards


  • It has a centralized dashboard for users to interact with.


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Spark-Hire Video Interview platform consists of both pre-recorded and live video interviews.


Two types of video interviews are available on the Spark-Hire platform:-


1. One-way Interview

2. Live Interview


1. One-way Interview


In this video interview in which candidates record video responses to interview questions on their own time.

You can use this as a replacement for the early round phone interview.


2. Live Interview


This is a real-time interview in which you connect with your candidates face-to-face via webcam.

These are automatically recorded so that you can use it for your further process if any.


Benefits of using Spark-Hire


  • Eliminates phone interview
  • Select candidates faster than ever before
  • Improve the interviewing process
  • Review interviews anytime, anywhere
  • Save time by avoiding bad candidates interviewing


Spark-Hire integrates with more Application Tracking System platforms than any other video interviewer provider.

You can also build automated workflows with 1,000+ apps using the Spark-Hire and Zapier Integration.


With Spark-Hire you can


  • Screen candidates more efficiently
  • Foster better collaboration with hiring managers
  • Improve the quality of your in-person interviews
  • Video interviewing resources


You can Click Here to Go Spark-Hire



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