Best Lead Generation Software Leadfeeder



Best Lead Generation Software Leadfeeder, yep, you are either getting trouble in lead generation for your business or you are searching for the best lead generation software. 

How to generate a lead has become a huge problem for all online businesses. You don’t know which customer has come from where and for what your website has come to!

Lead Generating Software solves this problem of your business or website.


Best Lead Generation Software Leadfeeder


Here, I will explain to you the “Best Lead Generation Software“.

The Best Lead Generation Software is “Leadfeeder“.




Leadfeeder is a web application.

It increases your sales tiding by integrating with your sales and marketing data.

This application will help you to know your new lead and monitor your existing customers easier than ever before.




Let’s see How Leadfeeder works for your business or website:-


  1. Discover which companies or from where visitors are visiting your website
  2. Know which pages your prospects visit most
  3. Get automatic prospect and company email notifications
  4. Send leads to your CRM automatically or manually
  5. Automate your lead management process


To Go Leadfeeder Click Here 


Connect Leadfeeder to your favorite sales and marketing tools


CRM Integration


  • Hubspot CRM
  • Zoho
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  • Salesforce
  • Pipedrive
  • WebCRM


Collaboration Tool Integrations


  • Google Hangouts Chat
  • Slack


Lead Nurture Integrations


  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Mailchimp


Additional Tools


  • Google Data Studio
  • Zapier




It gives you details about the companies or persons visiting your website, how they found you, and what they are interested in.


To Go Leadfeeder Click Here 


Leadfeeder Generate leads from website traffic.



Leadfeeder is packed with many useful features to make lead generation as simple as possible:-





1.Powerful Contact Insights


  • Leadfeeder offers access to a huge database of contacts.


2. Automatic lead scoring


  • Hottest leads are automatically placed at the top of your lead list.


3. Leadfeeder Booster


  • Once you set up Booster, you’ll have more data-pushed daily.


4. Personal email alerts


  • When companies visit your website you will be alerted by email which means you can follow up with perfect timing.


5. Automation to your CRM


  • When you connect with CRM integrations it automatically sends new visitors to your pipeline.


6. Free users


  • Add as many users as you like.


7. Powerful search


  • Search for any company in the dashboard and view their complete browsing history so you can get a full picture of what interests them.




8. Versatile filtering


  • Create and save all kinds of powerful feeds like companies from a certain country, an AdWords campaign, or to a certain web page.


You can try Leadfeeder 14 days Free Trial for that you don’t need a Credit card.

After this,  you can decide and buy this application for the fruitfulness of your business or website.


To Go Leadfeeder Click Here 




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