Video Conferencing Software For Webinars & Online Meetings

The world is shrinking in this digital world and “Video Conferencing Software For Webinars & Online Meetings” is growing.

But COVID-19 has forced the world’s society to stay at home and work from home.

At this time and seeing the future for working culture everyone from startup to big enterprises are avoiding gathering at one place so that they can keep their employee safe and secure.

By seeing this scenario, everyone from small firms to big firms is searching and doing webinars & online meetings.

As we know the webinar has come up as a top marketing channel for B2B markets.

As for today, my topic is based on Video Conferencing Software For Webinars & Online Meetings.

Video Conferencing Software For Webinars & Online Meetings


Livestorm is the Best Video Conferencing Software For Webinars & Online Meetings.

It is built with a high level of AI & UI.

It is one accessible video communication platform for any webinars & online video needs.

Livestorm is built for startups to big enterprises.

Already it is working with big international brands.

You can do from personal meetings to the global webinar events.

The best part of Livestorm is that you can go live or you can put pre-recorded video.

One thing is that on the landing page of webinars or meetings you can put your own brand logo.


Beautiful registration pages and emails


Let’s see the features of Livestorm:-

1. Beautiful registration pages and emails

  • It means you can create beautiful registration pages as you wish and send emails.

2. Automatic video recording

  • At Livestorm you can record your webinars and meeting for further use or you can send it to anyone.

3. World-class support

  • Livestorm gives you access for support anytime & timezone.

4. No need to download software

  • with this facility compatibility issues are removed and you can create videos or events that are accessible for everyone.

5. Share Screen, videos and presentation

  • You can easily share your HD documents with your client.

6. Unlimited HD webinars

  • You can host as many webinars as you want in high definition ( depending on your bandwidth).

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There is no need to download an app, you just need a URL that can be played on any browser.


Your client or employee can watch and attend through mobile to laptop.

You can also connect your webinar software to 1000+ apps so that you can get real insights like Hubspot, Eventbrite, Drip, Mailchimp & more.

Let’s check what type of event you can do with Livestorm:- 

1. Recurring Webinars

  • This means you can host one webinar with multiple sessions and keep the same landing page.

2. Pre-recorded webinars

  • If you don’t have time at the real webinar time then you can pre-record on the topic and run at that time. By doing so you can save your time. If you are worried about live webinars, in that case, it is also beneficial.

3. On-demand webinars

  • Put webinars available 24/7 for that you can put your webinars on autopilot.

4. Live event streaming webinars

  • You can go through the Youtube live stream instead of Livestorm stream webinars. It means Livestorm has many options for you, you can choose according to your choice or time demand.


Livestorm also giving you options for the meeting:-

1. Instant Meeting

  • You can meet instantly as per client choice or demand.

2. Scheduled Meeting

  • You can prior schedule your meeting time as per your calendar.

Lastly, You can also check out the free webinar software of Livestorm

The free webinar software on Liveestorm includes unlimited free webinars with few restrictions only. So, you must use it.

This is restrictions on the free webinar software:-

  • 10 registrants and 10 live attendees
  • 20 minutes in total length
  • Email invites disabled on the free plan
Apart from that, you will get all features of Livestorm:-
  • All the live features including Chat, Questions, and Polls
  • Registration pages
  • Email reminders and follow-ups
  • Integrations
  • Analytics & Insights
  • And more…

In conclusion, I will recommend you to must use Livestrom for Video Conferencing Webinars & Online Meetings. 



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