10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money

10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money


10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money


Earning Real Money Online is tuff but not impossible.

Early in my journey of starting money online was hard.

I started to search “How to earn money online” from the starting of 2019.

You are thinking that why I started to search for earning online?

Honestly speaking! before 2019, I was doing a job with a handsome salary but suddenly I lose my job.

I was sitting at my home and finding a job on the job search website.

During that somehow I came to know that people are earning money online.

From that point, I started my journey to earn online. 

I want to tell you some real facts about,

Earning Real Money Online

Earn Real Money online

  • Online is the platform where you can not get success easily but if you are consistent at this platform then you will definitely get success.
  • Most of the websites are genuine and they are paying you real money if you follow their terms & conditions.

Now Moving on topics “10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money”

The website that I am going to give information about here actually pays real money.


This is the best innovative, earning platform.

It is newly launched with the latest features.

You can earn real money at this site by viewing ads.

It is the best platform to earn money from your home without investment.

You can get a welcome bonus of 0.5$ + 2600 BAP. BAP is a token through which you can buy ads.

On this platform, if you are buying BAP for 1$ then it will give a return 1.22$ daily.

You can also become an investor at this site and earn passive income.

I am telling you to earn at this site and invest.

2. Faucetpay

Paucetpay is a multiple cryptocurrency earning platform. There are many different ways you will get here to earn money. 

A. Offerwall, Surveys, and Tasks

Here you can do different types of Surveys & Tasks and earn up to $10 per day.

B. Paid to Click 

You will get Bitcoin for watching Ads. For this what you need to do, just open the Home page of Faucetpay. Then Go to the Earn Option.

Further Click On The Earn Option, you will get multiple options, click on the Paid To Click Option.

As soon as you click on Paid To click the button, a second page will open in front of you. And from that, you can see Ads & earn Bitcoins.

Faucetpay micro crypto wallet

C. Roll the Dice

you can play at Multiply BTC – multi-cryptocurrency dice (gambling) and get up to 9,500 times.

Faucetpay Currenct Earning


Click Here To Go FaucetPay

3. Esfaucet

ES Faucet is a Multi-crypto faucet wherein you resolve how usually to claim. Most faucets will mean you can declare once in a while.

But here you might resolve how usually you want to declare. With each minute, each hour that passes, your claimable crypto quantity fills up in the Esfaucet.

The preliminary enhance being quite a bit sooner after which slowing down over time till you make a declare. Day by day Bonus, and an additional bonus for Accumulating ES COIN.

You can also Mine cryptocurrency.

This is to say at Esfaucet, you will earn through multiple ways. This platform is my favorite for “10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money”.

This platform is my favorite because from here you can earn in the shortest time.


Do PTC sites really pay?

Yes, PTC sites pay real money. I have taken payment. You can see but you have to follow their Rules & Regulation. It means if you don’t do cheating in regards to earning. Then surely you will get paid. 

Esfaucet Withdrawal

3. Kingofprizes.com

Earn money at Kingofprizes in the following ways:-

  • Clicks
  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Daily Surveys
  • Games

Earn Cryptocurrency Free With These 5 Websites

4. AdBTC.top

You can earn daily 500 satoshis from AdBTC.top.

I have seen this is the highest-paying website.

You can withdraw a minimum of 0.00005 BTC.

Apart from this, you can also earn:-

  • Affiliate program: 10% from your referral surfing earnings
  • 5% from your referral advertisement spendings
5. LarvelFaucet.com

There are many ways to earn money from this site as follows:-

  • PTC Ads
  • Mining Game
  • Offerwalls
  • Short URL

10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money



The minimum withdrawal is 50,000 coins. 

Here you can earn 2500-5000 coins easily daily. 

Let me clear you How you can earn daily 2500 – 5000 coins:-

  • You can earn 1700 coins daily with Offerwalls of Engagehits easily.
  • PTC Ads
  • ShortUrl
  • Complete Task
6. Engagehits.com

In a real sense “engagehits.com” is not a PTC site but it comes under Offerwalls.

This is a platform where you can earn coins or money by seeing ads or slides on youtube.

You can leave in the background and do your other jobs.

8. BitcoinAd.pro

Earn 300-500 satoshi daily.

This platform gives:-

  • 10-20 satoshi per click
  • Instant payout
  • 10 satoshi/Referral click

10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money

Minimum withdraw 0.001BTC.

9. BitClix.io

You can earn limitless bitcoin with the BitClix platform.

The ways by which you can earn BTC:-

  • PTC Ads
  • Offerwalls
  • Completing Task

Here also you can use “Engagehits” to increase your earnings.

The minimum withdrawal is only 1000 satoshi via FaucetPay.

You can earn 4-24 satoshi per click.

10. Cointiply.com

You can join the highest paying Bitcoin faucet & reward site.

You can earn through:-

  • Viewing PTC Ads
  • Play Games
  • Play Multiplier
  • Offerwalls
  • Surveys
  • Watch Videos

Play Multiplier is a game through with you can double your earnings.

In the watch video, you can use Junglesurvey.com.

Earn Free Bitcoin

7 ways to earn bitcoin through Cointiply


According to my view, online earning is a good part-time or full-time way to work, so that you can increase your earnings. There are not only 10 websites mentioned by me “10 Best Paid To Click (PTC) Website For Earning Real Money“, but there are many. I have mentioned the website from which I have received or done. 

Thank You for reading this article. I would love your valuable suggestion on this topic. Kindly like and subscribe VaishaliBlog.

FAQ Esfaucet

  • Which is the highest-paying PTC site?

    As far as my experience or I say the website through which I have made the highest earning in a short time is Esfaucet.

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