7 Simple ways to start saving money

We are living in a vast moving Era, wherein every year technology is changing.

Changes in technology put a burden on our pocket money.

Since our earnings are limited therefore saving money is Important.

That’s why today it is a more remarkable topic is “How To Save Money“?


Here, I am putting my personal views about ………….   

7 Simple ways to start saving money

1.Calculate your Expenses

Expenses are the key factors in our life which must be in control.

If expenses are not in control means you are making a way for the problem to come in your life.

Speaking about “How To Save Money” the first and foremost thing is to write down your all expenses even a single rupee daily.

So that, you can calculate exactly your expenses month-wise.

2.Maintain Savings Portfolio

How many types, you are saving of your earnings should be maintained in a portfolio.

To maintain a portfolio is a good sign of a balanced life.

Why I am saying to maintain a savings portfolio because today’s life is very fast, we don’t have time to remember our savings.

3.Different type of Investment

Different type of Investment keeps an important role in “How to Save Money”.

Owing to, without investment we can’t think about saving.


Let’s Discuss some point on Different types of Investment:-                                                       

  • Fixed Deposit
  • LIC
  • KVP-Kisan Vikas Patra
  • NSC-National Savings Certificate
  • Equity Fund
  • Mutual Fund

4.Credit Card

If you want to save money then you don’t use a credit card.

To use a credit card is a Bad Habit of indulging yourself into debt.

You should have control over your expenses and do expenses only what your earnings allow?

Fixed your expenses, it gives you a better saving.

5. Make habit of Saving

Make habit of saving is also a way of “How To Save Money”? It’s a proverb that Good habit lead a Good Life & Bad habit leads a Bad Life. So, make a habit of saving.

6. Don’t Purchase any item on EMI or through Credit Card

Buying any things on EMI or through Credit Card gives a burden on your savings & earnings. First, save money then buy things.

7.Generate different Source of Income 

If you are dependent on a single source of income means you are going back. As I said above, this is the fast-moving era therefore with the single income you can’t do more things.


This is the time when a single man can earn in different ways or can generate different sources of income for himself & his family.

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