Best Live Chat Software For Website

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Every day online businesses are doing tussle to keep customers stay for their product.

Even more competition among online businesses is to attract customers or hold them on the website.

In this order, today the online businesses and website are surrounded by chatbots and live chat tools.

This post is based on this subject live chat tool…


Best Live Chat Software For Website


In the market, there are lots of live chat software providers.

But here I am presenting Best Live Chat Software For Website Provider for your business.

Since this is the tool that holds your customer when they come on your website and informs you.

So it is a necessary tool for every online business or eCommerce.

Therefore, No one can understand the importance of this tool better than you.



Let’s  Move …


Jivo Chat is the best live chat software for your business or website.

It acts as a business manager for you and your team.

You and your team can use JivoChat to talk to customers via different ways like live chat, phone, email, and social channels.

In simple words, you can say JivoChat is a tool to increase your revenue by connecting with clients.

This software allows your visitors to talk to you using their favorite platforms like social media, phone, and live chat when they are on the website.


best live chat software


JivoChat is also the top-rated mobile customer support app at the App Store.


jivo app


It provides all chats, emails, and calls in one Jivo app that makes communication easy.

The JivoChat Widget allows you and your team to chat with multiple visitors at the same time, which is not possible to do by phone.


live chat software


It’s trending that clients prefer to text rather than call these days.


Features of JivoChat:-


  • Perfectly Designed

The widget of JIvoChat fits in the side panel on your website.

  • Works on any device

Any modern Operating System, Browser, and Mobile device is supported

  • Available in 20 Languages

The chat widget is customizable to be understandable in your local language

  • The phone calls with clients are connected in 30 seconds or less
  • CRM Integration

You can integrate with your third-party CRM Software easily.

  • Real-Time visitor Monitor

You can check the details of your client on your website in real-time.

  • Monitor Customer Flow


jivo live chat


  • Create Reminders of your Team

The JivoChat app will alert you of your reminders in advance so you never miss anything.


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As you know the world’s population is climbing on Smartphone use & Mobile traffic users are increasing day by day.

As per world data, 1/3 of online purchases made from mobile devices, and mobile conversation rates have more than double since 2017.

Since it is also a matter of concern for the live chat software providers to deal with mobile users because it plays an important role in sales conversion.


jivo live chat software




Therefore, JivoChat mobile widget gives a platform to your client who comes through a mobile phone on your website to chat with you, send a message, and one-click call.





JivoChat provides the most effective mobile chat widget in the market.


live chat software


Now let’s see the features of JivoChat Mobile Widget:-


  • Speed

The chat opens in the same window without taking unnecessary time to reload.

  • Optimized for all mobile browsers

The JivoChat mobile widget is friendly and flexible to run on any browsers

  • Mobile Menu

JivoChat menu functionalities are fit for iOS and Android devices


The Administrative part of JivoChat:-


JivoChat Tools provide you a platform from where you can keep an eye on your company communications.

You can easily monitor service quality that is given by your team along with you can also check the Feedback that is given by customers regarding your product and service offered.

JivoChat does this by providing chat logs and reports between your team and customers.

Through this, you can check every day the chat scores of your website and you can improve your quality of service.


jivo chat




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