The Best Membership Management Software Solution 2020

The Best Membership Management Software Solution 2020


Are you an association, non-profit organizations, Clubs and Other  Organizations that really seek a membership management software.

So here you will know about an easy membership management software that works for you. The Best Membership Management Software Solution 2020.

Membership organizations have diverse needs and structures like selling tickets, upgrading membership, etc.



Just for your information,

The following institutions or organizations that need membership management software:-



  • Alumni Associations
  • Homeowner Associations
  • Law Associations
  • Library Associations
  • Political Associations
  • Public Health Associations




  • Business Organizations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Churches
  • Community Services
  • Foundations & Charities
  • Networking Groups




  • Fitness Clubs
  • Garden Clubs
  • Motorcycle Clubs
  • Sailing Clubs
  • Swim Clubs
  • Tennis Clubs




  • Arts Councils
  • Consulting Services
  • Environmental Clubs
  • Fraternities & Sororities
  • Historical Societies
  • Student & Teacher Organizations



The Best Membership Management Software Solution 2020




Wild Apricot is a Membership Management Software provider that has been working in this field for six years.

Wild Apricot Membership Management Software strengthens your technology and overcomes all the difficulties related to membership and helps in achieving your mission.


wild apricot


Now let’s read the work/function of Wild Apricot membership management software:-


1. Storing and editing member information in a database.

2. Creating, renewing, upgrading, and downgrading memberships.

3. Communicating with members by email, social media, telephone, or post.

4. Organizing and selling tickets to events or series’ of events.

5. Publishing and delivering textual or audio-visual content.

6. Providing advertising opportunities via listings or targeted placements.

7. Facilitating interaction and collaborative file sharing between members.

8. Tracking members’ interests and activities to provide relevant services.

9.Raising supplementary income from donations.



Features Of Wild Apricot Membership Management Software:-


1. Members Database


With the help of a member database, you don’t need to use excel.

Your member’s data rely safely on the cloud so your users can access it from a desktop, phone, or tablet.


Other works that you can do easily at member database:-


  • Easily search and manage your database
  • Customize membership levels and automate renewals
  • Save hours with automatic database updates in real-time
  • Allow members to update their own details in their member profile
  • Store your data in a secure database
  • Add a searchable online member directory


2. Website Builder


You’ll be able to create a professional-looking website within an hour without any technical experience.


You can do:-

  • Customize professionally designed themes
  • Add features with an easy drag-and-drop builder
  • Build a mobile-friendly site with responsive themes
  • Instantly create:
    • Member application page
    • Members-only area
    • News blog
    • Member directory
    • Event listings
    • Donate page
    • And more


wild apricot


3. Payments


You can accept online payments securely.


The function of Payment:-


  • Take payments immediately, without processing cash and checks
  • Set up recurring membership fees — no need to chase members for dues
  • Automatically send invoices and receipts
  • Easily generate a variety of financial reports
  • Accept online donations directly from your website


4. Event Management


Your members can register and pay for your conferences and events online.


The function of Event Management:-


  • Share a calendar of events on your website
  • Customize registration forms to collect attendee information
  • Set up registration types with options including guests and a waitlist
  • Check-in attendees by scanning QR codes with our mobile app
  • Automatically send reminders to increase attendance


5. Email & Contact Database


You can easily communicate with your members using the Wild Apricot email system, which automatically integrates with your database.


Works of Email & Contact Database:-


  • Save your time by automating email confirmations and reminders
  • Target your email campaigns with advanced contact searches
  • Customize professionally designed email templates, or design your own with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Track who is opening and clicking your emails
  • Update and manage contact records on the go with the mobile app



6. Mobile App

You can run your organization very smoothly & engaged your members with Mobile Apps.


  • With the app for admins, you can:-


    • Manage and add contacts
    • Edit events and check-in registrants
    • Securely accept credit card payments


  • With the app for members, your members can:-


    • Search your directory and view member profiles
    • Register and pay for events
    • Edit and update their member profile


7. Online Store

If you want to earn extra income, then you can sell the product on your website through the Online Store.


Functions of Online Store:-


  • No need to set up a separate e-commerce platform
  • Add unlimited products to your catalog in minutes
  • Easily add product variants like size and color
  • Set special member pricing
  • Securely take online payments


Wild Apricot Membership Management Software is giving 30 Days Free Trial without Debit/Credit Card.


wild apricot


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