Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020

Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020


In the Internet Marketing World, Autosurfs are a traffic exchange website.

Autosurf website automatically rotates the advertiser website all over the world through the member’s web browser.

Therefore, the Autosurf website brings a large amount of traffic to the advertiser’s website.


How Autosurf Website Works?


First, you have to become a Member of it.

Then, you watch on your browser their advertisement, instead of watching you will earn points or credits.

After that, you can use that credits or points to promote your Website.

This sequence is with all members.

If you don’t want to watch the advertisement, you can buy points or credits.

And you can promote your website with purchased points.

After registration, you add your website to its dashboard.

And as soon as points or credits arrive in your account, your website will be promoted.

It is totally free if you watch their ads.



Another question arises in your mind is that it is available for a particular region or not?

Of course, every Autosurf website gives the option to choose a particular region or worldwide for promotion.


How to Use It?


For the use of auto-surf, you need to download its surf application.

Surf Application is available as per the Autosurf website.

But to choose a particular region for promotion, you have to become a paid member of it.


Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020


1. OTOHITS.NET, fast and efficient autosurf


It is a simple, efficient, & powerful auto surf website.




  • Reliable and stable
  • You can trust it, as I am also using it and giving very good traffic across the world.
  • Available for Windows & Linux.
  • Totally Free.
  • Fast Validation of your website ( approx. 24 hours).
  • More than 15 million registered members.
  • Advertisement ratio 1:1
  • Timer from 10 sec to 600 sec.
  • Click on page
  • Geotargeting
  • Scrolling on Page


You set OTOHITS.NET on Automatic Attribution Settings because it will automatically transfer your earned credit to your website.



autosurf otohits, fast and efficient autosurf




banner Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020


HitLeap is a traffic exchange platform that provides a convenient browser displaying.

With HitLeap you add your website and surf other webpages in exchange you will get traffic to your webpage.

HitLeap is a totally free Auto-surf service.




Traffic Source


This is a unique service given by HitLeap that makes it different from other auto-surf platforms.

You can choose among direct, referral, organic search, and social traffic sources.




HitLeap gives you an offer to choose from a diverse selection of countries, from there you can get traffic.



Browser Variety


HitLeap delivers hits from the world’s most popular web browsers on both desktop and mobile devices.


Traffic Quality Control


HitLeap provides traffic quality control that boosts better visit duration.


Bounce Rate Reduction


This feature makes your traffic visible to any web analytics service with a lowered bounce rate.

It will also help you represent your visit duration more accurately.


Traffic limits


HitLeap allows you to set daily limits and total limits.


banner Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020





3. RealTime Autosurf


Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020


At the RealTime Autosurf platform, you will found different ways to promote your website or webpages.

This platform will give you a commission for auto surf along with credit points.

It means you are benefited in two ways with RealTime Autosurf.

You can put Banner Ads, & Text Ads on this platform for traffic.

You can also buy credits on this platform if you don’t want to surf ads.


Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020


4. Ewn Search Traffic Exchange


Traffic Exchange is the simplest way to exchange traffic or buy at the lowest cost to increase your website traffic & boost Alexa Ranking.




  • A simple way to exchange traffic
  • Buy at the lowest cost
  • All works are automatic
  • Safe & secure
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Process of Ewn search traffic exchange:-
  • Create your account
  • Add your website
  • Earn or Buy points
  • Deliver visitors Instantly


To earn points, you have to install the surfing app of Ewn search traffic exchange.


5. Traffic Ad Bar


Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020


Traffic Ad Bar is a good platform to get free website traffic.

Traffic Ad Bar not only just advertise your website or affiliate link to its members but also it advertise your website throughout its advertising network which includes other traffic exchange & websites.




  • FREE website traffic
  • FREE advertising profile
  • Automatic search engine submission
  • FREE advertising to our members
  • FREE advertising through our network
  • Promote yourself
At this platform, you can surf ads and earn points.
But Traffic Ad Bar, give you another way to earn points like it will send you daily emails of 6 websites to visit and earn points.
That points will be used as an exchange for your website traffic.

Best Autosurf Traffic Exchange Sites 2020


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