8 Best Ad Network For Monetize a Website

8 Best Ad Network For Monetize a Website
If you are a blogger or content writer or running a website, it will first come to your mind how you monetize your blog or website!
Really Yes…it comes like I was…
Running a Website or Blogging is a way of earning money online.
Of course, yes that’s why you are giving your valuable time on the Internet.
Every Blogger and Website runner needs tools to monetize their Website and Blog.

This post is all about 8 Best Ad Network For Monetize a Website.

With this ad network, you definitely monetize your blog or for whatever you are searching it.

8 Best Ad Network For Monetize a Website


1. Bitmedia.io
Bitmedia is a Crypto Ad marketplace.
You can improve your revenue by using bitmedia network and its custom inventory.
More than 20,000 advertisers are using bitmedia network for the promotion of their crypto business.


  • Earning Management
It has the best tools to manage your earnings.
You will see the available balance and pending balance separately.
It adds your daily earning into your main balance.
You will withdraw your main balance after reaching the threshold.
  • Custom publisher tools to meet your needs


You can add blocks as per your requirements like 300*250 size & more.
  • Thousands of Advertiser


More than 20,000 advertisers are available from the world so that your earning will be maximum.

Bitmedia.io only accepts those publishers who are running a Crypto website or writing crypto content on the Blog.


Bitmedia pays:-

Per click approx =$0.05

Per 100 impression approx =$0.01

Bitmedia gives permission to your website and blog within 72 Hours.


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2. A-Ads.com


A-Ads.com is a Cryptocoin & Blockchain advertising network.

It gives permission to any type of publisher, which means it is not only limited to crypto content.

You can choose what type of ad displayed on your website because it also contains ads related to nudity or other content not suitable for work.

A-Ads.com pay:-

  • 0.00000628BTC  ($0.08) per mille 
  • 0.00000083BTC  ($0.01) per click 

A-Ads reviews and gives permission within 48 Hours.


3. Infolink


It is easily integrated and works with any type of publisher.

You can easily add infolink ads to your website ob Blog by registering as a publisher.

It gives permission within 48 Hours.


4. Evadav.com


It gives ad format Popunder, Inpage, Native, and Push.

Evadav provides quality ads to your Website and Blog.

It also provides nude content so if you don’t need it then you simply told to query to stop nude content and ads to your website.



  • Quick and easy registration
  • Easily track your traffic source and stats
  • Choose a wide range of ad formats
  • Instant customer support

Evadav gives permission to Blog and Website within 24 Hours.


5. Ayelads.com


Start monetizing your Website and Blog with Ayelads.




Min Withdrawal

  • $0.10 (PAYEER – PayPal – …)


No Website Review

  • 1 Minute To be ready


Daily Payments

  • Paid within 24 hours


Highest Rates

  • CPM – CPC

You will get permission within 24 Hours.


6. Bulletprofit.com

Increase your revenue with Bulletprofit Ad Media Network.

You will get Ads for promotion:-

  • Banner Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Text Ads
  • pop Ads
  • Text + Image Ads
  • Native Ads

It gives permission within 24 Hours.


Click Here To Join Bulletprofit


7. AdHitz.com

AdHitz.com ad media network gives you space where you can put your price for an advertisement on your Blog and Website.

It means you can fix your ads slot price as per your viewers.

This facility is only available at the AdHitz ad media network.

It gives permission within 24 Hours.


8. OptiAds.org


OptiAds.org is a global advertising marketplace where you can get lots of ads for your website and blog.

All types of content publishers are permitted here to become OptiAds publisher.


  • Customizable Widgets
  • Easy Implementation
  • All Shapes and Sizes

Your website and blog will get permission within 24 Hours.


8 Best Ad Network For Monetize a Website


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