The World’s Largest Crypto Based Loan Provider

The World's Largest Crypto Based Loan Provider


I have seen on Twitter & other social media platforms that people are selling their crypto assets at less value in their needs.

Have you heard that you can take a fiat loan against the crypto coin?

If No then don’t worry You will get information in this post about the platform from where you can take a loan against your crypto coin or stable coin.

The development of this type of facility will really lead the crypto economy forward very fast.

Many people are not aware of this type of facility, which makes them sell their crypto coins at the time of need and they are deprived of benefits in the future.

With this type of facility, anyone can take a loan in their currency by keeping crypto coins or stable coins as collateral security at the time of need.

Coming forward to these financial institutions will further increase the confidence of the crypto world in front of people.


Now coming to the topic:-


The World’s Largest Crypto Based Loan Provider


  • Nexo is the world’s largest financial institution in the crypto economy that provides loans against your crypto assets.


  • Nexo has more than 12 Years of experience in the financial technology sector and in Online Lending.


  • It is the leading FinTech service provider across Europe and has the aim to spread globally.


  • It has more than 1.5 billion users.


  • You can also earn interest on your crypto assets with Nexo.


  • You can get Nexo loans easily in 200+ jurisdictions and 45+ currencies.


  • Nexo is supervised by EU Banking Supervision.


  • It has granted more than $218 million in loans and collected more than $273 million in cash.


  • Nexo balance sheet is audited by Deloitte.


Let’s see How you can get the Nexo Instant crypto credit.


You just have to follow some steps and credit will be transferred to your account.


1. First, you create a Nexo Account.


2. Deposit your Crypto Assets to your Nexo account.


3. A credit line becomes instantly available, with no credit checks.


4. Now, You can withdraw by card or transfer to your Bank account.


5. No minimum repayment & hidden fees are charged.




Features of Nexo Crypto backed Loan:-


1. Speed of Funding – Instant


2. Asset’s ownership – Your


3. Benefit from Assets value appreciation – Your


4. Exchange Fee – No


5. Tax Liabilities – No


6. Volatility Risk – Low


7. Free payment card – Yes


8. Interest starting from 5.9% APR


9. $100 million insurance on all custodial assets


10. A minimum of $500 and a maximum of $2 million


11. Automatic approval, no credit checks


12. #ZeroFees – No hidden fees, flexible repayments




Accepted Assets Type at Nexo:-


  • Cryptocurrencies


  • Tokenized Assets


  • Utility Tokens


  • Gaming Tokens


Recently Nexo world’s largest Lender announced its first mortgage using cryptocurrency based loan amounting $1.2 million for Home.


Security of Nexo:-


  • Nexo platform is equipped with a high-level infrastructure that is made to ensure maximum protection of your Assets.




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