Best Hardware Crypto Wallet To Store Cryptocoins

Best Hardware Crypto Wallet To Store Cryptocoins


Best Hardware Crypto Wallet To Store Cryptocoins

A hardware wallet is only available in physical form. It is an electronic device that is built to store Crypto Coins.

You know very well that the software wallets available at an exchange and as an app are not safe places due to hackers.

All crypto software wallets or apps are created by a community that has credibility as long as it is running correctly.

No one knows that this software wallet is regulated by whom and from where, we are all sitting on a belief that it is correct and our crypto coins like Bitcoin, Litcoin are in a safe place.

But we and you go wrong when an accident happens, in this case, I mean hacking or thefts of coins.

Every day the hacking is going and it is increasing, in that order, if you are serious about the safety of your coin, you have to use the best option to secure your Digital Coins.

I am not saying that the software wallet is wrong, but in the world of crypto, every day there is some new phenomenon occurring by seeing what I am saying.

How Hardware Wallet is Secure than Software Wallet

1. A hardware wallet is in physical form, it is in your hand but the software wallet is available at the computer and mobile which is a highly sensitive place for attackers.

Recently, my laptop was hacked by hackers, which destroyed all the data, so I am saying that the internet has become a very sensitive place at the present time.

2. You can retrieve your hardware wallet’s private key But can’t retrieve the private key of the software wallet if you lost it.

3. The hardware wallet is the private bank in your hands but the software wallet is not the private bank in your hands.

4. The hardware wallet is giving you digital freedom but the software wallet is not.

Now coming to the Topic,

Best Hardware Crypto Wallet To Store Cryptocoins

These are the three most popular and best Hardware Crypto wallets.

  1. Trezor
  2. KeepKey
  3. Ledger Nano S

1. Trezor

Trezor wallet gives you to smoothly manage your balance, control your funds, and easily transfer.

It is an easy-to-use platform for your Bitcoins.

Trezor is giving you a way to go offline and store your Crypto Coins.

At Trezor Wallet you can store more than 1000 coins.

Trezor Wallet is available in two forms:-

  • Trezor One
  • Trezor Model T

Security features of Trezor Wallet:-

  • PIN Entry
  • Passphrase Entry
  • Device Recovery

Features Of Trezor Wallet:-

  • Bitcoin-only firmware

It is designed to only contain code enabling the Bitcoin wallet operations.

  • Shamir Backup

It is a new security standard that protects your recovery private key seed.

  • Password Manager
  • U2F Authentication
  • FIDO2 Authentication
  • Encryption Via GPG
  • SSH
  • microSD card

2. KeepKey

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  • KeepKey is the next guard of Crypto Security.
  • Here you can store more than 40 Coins.
  • You can send, receive, and store coins & tokens.

Features of KeepKey:-

  • It generates and manages your private keys offline.
  • It also guards your wallets against computer viruses and protects them from hackers.
  • PIN Protection
  • Passphrase Protection
  • Limitless address at one device

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3. Ledger Nano S

A ledger hardware wallet endues you to secure, own, and control your Crypto Coins.

It provides you the highest security standard for your Crypto Assets.

You can manage more than 1500 coins & tokens on this platform.

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Features of Ledger hardware wallet:-

  • You can manage securely all transactions at the device screen.
  • Control all things on the screen with only 2 Buttons.
  • Ledger hardware wallet comes with an app called Ledger Live.
  • Ledger Live app lets you manage 26 coins & more than 1500 tokens directly from your smartphone or desktop. 

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