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You are here because CryptoCurrency is making a Strong Root in the world’s economy.

That’s why Crypto Exchange is gearing up and Crypto Lover is searching for the best Crypto Exchange for Buy, Sell & Hold CryptoCurrency.

Here you will go through “12 WORLD’S BEST CRYPTO EXCHANGE 2021” for Crypto Buying, Selling & Holding.

So, Now…

1. Binance

Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange as of Jan- 2021 in terms of trading volume.

It was started in 2017 in China but moved its server & headquarter out of China.

Currently, its headquarters is in “Malta”.

You can easily Register & Trade with Binance.

KYC is regulated by it.

Now all crypto traders are worried about privacy policy because there is no institution to regulate crypto in the world yet.

But Binance keeps its customer’s data safe and uses an Anonymized and Aggregated Data System.

You can Trade, Hold & Mine with Binance.

I will talk about How to Mine crypto with Binance on Other topics.

Its presence is all over the world that’s why it is known as the world’s largest crypto exchange.

One more thing regarding the privacy policy, Binance maintains every country’s Anti Money Laundering Policy(AML), and Know Your Customer(KYC).

Binance also provides a Listing of Crypto coins & tokens on its exchange.

You can enjoy Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange.

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2. Fatbtc.com

Fatbtc.com is a Secure Blockchain and Crypto asset exchange.

It starts work in 2014 from Belize(Central America) and now available in more than 200 countries.

It is available in multilingual.

Regarding Privacy, it fulfills all norms of financial transactions like Anti Money Laundering(AML) & KYC.

Fatbtc provides a place to trade crypto in multiple coins, hold crypto & list coins on its exchange.

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3. Okex.com

Okex.com is the Most Trusted & Innovative Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange.

It came into existence in 2017.

It is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto world.

Okex is a safe, reliable, and stable exchange for crypto investors.

It provides trading via web & mobile apps.

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4. Nominex.io

Nominex launched its trading platform on 28.08.2019.

It is based in Seychelles.

Traders are getting many bonuses through this trading platform.

It is growing fast and spreads in more than 100 countries.

In Q1 of 2021, the Nominex exchange would be integrated with trading bots.

It gives you a new trading crypto experience.

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5. Vinex Network

Vinex Network is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

It started in June 2018, from the British Virgin Islands.

Vinex Network is a next-generation cryptocurrency exchange making itself a launchpad for cryptocurrencies or tokens.

There are so many features this exchange has, among them Airdrop features I like most.

You can see Airdrop on its Home page, you can take participate and earn new crypto coins.

This type of feature (Airdrop) not easily noticed.

One more thing about its Exchange, it has two types of Exchange:-



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6. Prime XBT

Prime XBT is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange, established in 2018.

The best part of this exchange is that it provides trading in Crypto along with Forex Trading.

It gives more liquidity than other cryptocurrency exchanges.

Its covering feature makes it different from other’s competitors.

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7. AAX Pro

AAX (Atom Asset Exchange) is the first cryptocurrency exchange developed in collaboration with LSEG Technology.

It is the first cryptocurrency exchange that joins the London Stock Exchange Group’s “Partner Platform”.

AAX Pro also gives crypto future trading at the speed of light.

It was started in 2018.

It has Referral/Affiliate Program.

8. Decoin.io

Decoin is the cryptocurrency exchange developed by the crypto community in 2017.

Decoin platform is an advanced peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange.

It follows all the rules & regulation that is necessary to protect customer privacy and stop Money Laundering.

It has its presence in more than 200 countries.

All country’s rules are followed in financial transactions.

You can also opt for its Referral/Affiliate Program.

9. Bitfront

BITFRONT is the most trusted global digital currency exchange.

It started its operation in 2020.

LINE, a Japanese messaging service provider started the BITFRONT cryptocurrency exchange.

Its headquarter is in the US.

It is a reliable and stable crypto trading platform.

10. Delta Exchange

Delta Exchange is the most trusted global cryptocurrency derivative cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2018.

Its office is in St Vincent & the Grenadines.

It supports 35+ cryptocurrencies and crypto-assets.

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11. BuyUCoin

BuyUCoin is a cryptocurrency exchange with a crypto wallet, founded in July 2016.

Its parent company is iBlock Technologies Private Limited that is India-based, HQ-Noida(UP).

BuyUCoin came into existence as India’s first Cryptocurrency Exchange.

It maintains all the privacy of its customers and also maintains the country’s AML & KYC Rules.

You can also take its Referral/Affiliate Program.

12. Bybit

Bybit is the fastest developing cryptocurrency derivatives exchange.

Established in March 2018.

It is Singapore based Crypto exchange.

Its trading platform features are lovable.

Smart Trading System

A trader can set up take profit/stop loss at entry, receive strategy alerts and adjust their order(s) with one click

Significant Market Depth

Bybit offers the best-in-class market depth, each trade executed with the minimal price impact

HD Cold Wallet

It provides an HD cold wallet system that guarantees the safety of trader funds

100K TPS Matching Engine

Always handles overloads with its ultra-fast matching engine

State-Of-The-Art Pricing System

Traders can’t encounter unfair liquidations with its dual-price mechanism

Powerful API – Market Data Pushed Every 20ms

It Conducts high-frequency trading with lightning-fast market updates with its powerful API

99.99% System Functionality

No server downtimes thanks to its grey release feature and hot patches released on-the-fly

24/7 Customer Support

Get all your queries answered anytime with its round-the-clock, multilingual customer service team

You can also opt for its Referral/Affiliate Program.