Best Webinar and Video Conferencing Software

Best Webinar and Video Conferencing Software


Best Webinar and Video Conferencing Software

The present time has changed a lot for the whole world.

The main reason for this is the changing environment around us or the change in technology or the terrible tragedy in 2019 as Covid-19.

As the situation changes, we start using the same type of technology.

This post is all about “Best Webinar and Video Conferencing Software“.

Webinar and Video Conferencing Software is not new but in today’s time, there has been a lot of demand for it.

The infrastructure for businesses of the future will become more and more cloud-based.

However, video conferencing, webinars and telepresence will still have a big place within the business.

Today’s article discusses webinars and Video Conferencing Software. 

To start with the webinars and Video Conferencing Software:-

Livestorm is the highest-rated webinar software due to its:-

  • Ease of use: no download and no setup required
  • Higher attendance rate: enhance attendance by +15%
  • Trendy design: customize to suit your model
  • Easy Integrations: send knowledge to any software program & CRM

Now, what is Livestorm’s video conferencing software?

Livestorm’s video conferencing software is designed at a very high-level concept.

It offers the users an opportunity to build either a software application or a video conferencing platform.

The software application includes a dashboard as well as an application to upload, download, and organize content.

Its software application can be applied to an existing phone system to integrate mobile content with conferencing.

Let’s check the features of Livestorm software:-

Here I have discussed all the latest features,-

1. 3,000 Live Attendees in Beta and Light Registration Page

If you wish to set up larger events, this new feature is for you.

Accordingly, you can run events with as many as 3,000 attendees with this latest beta model feature.

To start with this feature your organization should be having a license for 1,000 reside attendees.

This beta model is free so that you can use it.


2. Light registration web page

This is a brand new form of a registration web page, referred to as a “gentle registration web page”.

It’s simpler to register to utilize this web page and will speed up the registration process.

3. Renaming “webinar” to “event”!

This has made a refined change to the textual content throughout the Livestorm app.

Every time “webinar” was written, Livestorm changed it with the word “event”.

This modification was made all throughout the platform, from the room to the dashboard.

This may make the app extra versatile for internet hosting any form of event you want.

4. Share your prompt assembly hyperlink

Livestorm doesn’t need you to really feel lonely in your assembly room.

This new replacement provides your prompt assembly hyperlink to the sidebar of your room if you find yourself alone.

This makes sharing your room as simple as can.

You merely copy the hyperlink and share it with whoever you need to meet with.

video conferencing software

5. Non-public chat for team members and guest speakers

Moderators can now talk privately throughout online occasions!

All team members and guest speakers can talk behind the scenes in a separate chat from the viewers.

The brand new tab within the chat window lets you swap between “Everybody” or “Moderators”.

You’ll discover a distinction within the background color.

livestorm webinar software

6. New Zapier integration

Livestorm launched the brand new model of  Zapier integration!

This contemporary replacement provides better management and streamlines your processes greater than ever.

livestorm webinar software

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Further, How to Create a strong video communication

This is a very complex topic because the value of your business product depends on it.

For which you spend many days and nights with your marketing team so that webinars and conferences can be good.

On this platform, you don’t need for this because,-

Livestorm can adapt to any event, together with conferences, webinars, conferences, online coaching programs, podcast interviews, product demos, and extra.

 Product Demos

Present your gross sales group with the software program to create the right product demo. Livestorm helps gross sales groups generate extra certified leads.

 Customer Training

Scale your customer training with automated options. Interact with clients and build relationships via stay onboarding.

 Online Programs

Host and record engaging online programs. With Livestorm you’ll be able to work together together with your class via polls and questions in the course of the presentation.

Podcast Interviews

Report any kind of residence interview remotely, from podcasts to panel discussions. Construct model authority with repurposed video recordings.

 Reside Occasions

Be part of from any place on the planet and create partaking on-line occasions, host non-public workshops, or broaden your attain.

 Reside Q&As

Host reside Q&As and use questions or polls options to generate engagement out of your reside viewers. Construct your group with real-time discussions.

 Worker Onboarding

Host worker onboarding classes and practice giant teams of the latest workforce members without delay. It is easy to facilitate distant team-building with group conferences.

 Firm Communication

Talk together with your total workforce without delay, whether or not it is for firm conferences, workshops, or group discussions.

 Hiring Periods

Scale your recruiting course to attach and work together with candidates. Use video communication in your distant recruiting course.

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After the above discussion, you also need to know,-

What is Livestorm Software Application?

Livestorm Software Application is a Web-based solution and can be used to establish connections to mobile phones, iPads, and mobile devices.

What are video conferencing applications?

The video conferencing applications include editing and conferencing software applications that are widely used by companies worldwide.

By the way, the Livestorm software applications are offered in both mobile and desktop versions. It includes video conferencing, conferencing software, and mobile application.

Moreover, what Livestorm Conference call software application?

The conference call software application offers integration to the computer conference room and multiple participants to support real-time audio/video communication.

It makes it possible to listen and communicate from an existing conference room environment and enables audio/video communication to all participants within the conferencing environment.

Features Of Livestorm Conference Call Software Application:-

It is a simple to use, yet powerful application for conference calls, creating and configuring conference calls with the users of Livestorm software.

Livestorm conference calls with the Livestorm software application are simple, fast, and compatible with any mobile device with an Internet connection.

And Livestorm software application to add basic features to their existing mobile phone or tablet to enable mobile conference calling.

The mobile conference call software application provides both conference calling functions and a mobile app that allows the users to share content such as presentations and documents with a maximum of 10 users in real-time.

Mobile App:-

The mobile app is an application that allows users to set up a conference call with the users of the Livestorm software application. It is an extension of the conference call software application and has the ability to allow users to share files directly with conference participants.


Communication is not the only thing that Livestorm offers to the users.

The Livestorm team also has the best service providers.

The Livestorm software application has a free version of a video conferencing software application that can be used for an introductory period.

Once the free software application is used for 5 hours, users will get a 30 day trial for the paid software application.

The Livestorm software application is available on the market for free, and the users who prefer to use the paid software application are entitled to a free 20-minute consultation.

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