How to increase blog traffic

How to increase blog traffic


How to increase blog traffic

As I think that a hot cup of tea wakes the mind up in the morning. Similarly, if traffic comes to the blog or website, our mind becomes happy. Because this is our ultimate goal “How to increase blog traffic“.

Today I will talk about only 5 golden rules in this topic, if you follow that, then the traffic of your blog and website will definitely increase.

So let’s elaborate on “How to increase blog traffic | 5 Golden Rules“-

1. Trending & valuable Topics

Trending & valuable Topics

Google will easily send traffic to your blog if the content is current and valuable. And one thing Google focuses on the content that is easily understood to readers is ranked quickly. 

You might want to publish persistently and make it possible for a great number of your posts is on trending & current matters.

As well as, it is advisable to continually replace yourself on trending matters, which individuals search on the web.

Initially, there are only a few posts on these matters, so in the event, you occur to jot down it within the early levels then there’s a good likelihood that rank on the primary web page of google. You may get these matters from Google News & Trends.

How to get blog traffic

As you can see in the above picture, Google trends explore what the world is searching for. Through this, you can search the country-wise topic. And it will help you a lot how to increase blog traffic for free.

Now we talk about Google News, from here you can also take trending topics in each field. And from here you can also take the current content for how to increase blog traffic.

How to increase blog traffic free

With the help of these two weapons of Google, you can increase the traffic of your blog easily.

2. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

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In how to increase blog traffic, after a good topic, the most important point is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Because without SEO your content will not be visible to Google.

I will share my experience of starting when I began running a blog. I used to be getting no visitors. All of the visitors I might get are by sharing my posts on Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin, and so on.

I remember that Facebook also blocked my ID due to posting more.  All this is due to disappointment that even after 5 hours of writing an article, 5 people did not visit my website.

It was not that I did not write good content. I used to check the pages that I saw on Google. But I think I wrote more than that, although, still, my pages were not rated.

I waited for two to three months, pondering that this might occur, however nonetheless my pages weren’t even showing in the top 50.

Then one day I got to watch videos on YouTube related to SEO. I was really surprised. Then later I used the tools mentioned on YouTube and I saw the amazing results. The name of the tool I used is SEMRUSH.

SEMRUSH is a very expensive tool. Then I opted totally free trial and used their Web site Audit device. I used to be shocked to seek out that there have been tons of errors on my website.

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For the following few days, I did

  • Labored day and evening to work on these errors.
  • Used their key phrase suggestion device and opted for under these key phrases which have low Keyword worth
  • Made the record of all of the backlinks my competitor has been having and began making backlinks
  • Intensively linked all my pages
  • Rewritten my title, up to date meta description, made classes and tags

After few months, on my website, visitors began to rose. 

Audit Your Site Using SEMrush (Swiss Knife) Tool

3. Build Your Email List

Build Your Email List

From the very first day, you should be engaged in email list building. Because that is a very essential factor to gather email listing of people that come to your website. 

It is one of the major errors by early bloggers, who don’t care about the rising e-mail checklist.

Even skilled bloggers like Neil Patel remorse for not doing this in the early phases of his running a blog profession.

You need to use any e-mail advertising instruments to create a pop-up after which begin gathering their e-mail checklist. You’ll be able to plan your timeline and share particulars about your new blogs with them. This helps in rising your returning customer.

These instruments are principally released initially however when your subscriber checklist grows, if required you’ll be able to go for their subscriptions as properly.

4. Internal And Outbound Link

Internal And Outbound Link

Let me clarify why Internal And Outbound Link is vital. You will remember that whenever you go to buy one item on Flipkart or Amazon. But you buy more than one thing, why does it ever happen, do you think?

This is because the goods that you go to buy on that page other goods are displayed. And you also see that other item and buy it if you like. Equally, when a customer involves your website, don’t let him/her go by visiting just one web page. Create inside hyperlinks and a few of them may additionally prefer to learn extra and in this process, you get extra site visitors.

Outbound hyperlink then again helps the online crawler give extra significance to your web site and helps in your rating as properly.

5. Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

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Social media may give an enormous increase to your website. Within the initial stage, this is the one approach I used to get visitors. Depending on your articles, you may determine if you wish to go for Pinterest, Quora, Facebook, Reddit, Linkedin, and so on.


I can say with complete confidence that if you work on all these aspects, then the traffic of your blog will definitely increase & the question How to increase blog traffic would be resolved.

I highly recommend that you audit your website and then work on the errors and warnings provided.

You can use the SEMrush tool for free. You can use the trial version, explore this amazing tool, and then decide whether it will be of any benefit to you or not.