Best websites for online surveys

Best websites for online surveys


What are Online Surveys?


Online surveys are a bundle of questions that are answered by the web audience. Online surveys are usually conducted by companies. The reason for this is to get information about products, services, and newly launched products. The online survey is used by the company in making its future plans. Online Surveys are also known as Web-based surveys or Internet Surveys. In this post, you will get to know the Best websites for online surveys.

Is Online Surveys are Legit?

Yes, Online Surveys are Legit. But online survey websites have to follow certain rules and regulations regarding consumer data protection.


Data Protection Legislation Means any legislation, statute, declaration, decree, directive, legislative enactment, order, ordinance, regulation, rule, or different binding restriction which pertains to the safety of people privateness or with reference to the Processing of Private Information to which a Get together is topic, together with the Information Safety Act 2018 (or all laws enacted within the UK in respect of the safety of Private Information when the UK leaves the European Union) and the GDPR.


For information about the law related to legal of online survey website, you can click here.

How to check the Legit online surveys website?

Several criteria should be kept in mind to know the legality of online survey websites. Among the many criteria, I have discussed the most important.

So let’s know one by one:-

(A) If an online survey website asks you for money to join, then it is a scam.

(B) If your credit or debit card details are asked for, then it is a scam company.

(C) Is the company following Freedom of Information Laws (vary from country to country).

(D) What type of online surveys are doing:-

  • On inner enterprise functions
  • On personal private functions (as a Consumer)
  • Granted as a Consumer Account by the Licensee as one of many varieties of permitted End Consumer agreed between the Licensee and the provider of online surveys.

If you want to get more information on this, click here

Can you really make money doing surveys online?

Of course Yes! Millions of people from all over the world are earning money daily through online surveys. You can also earn money daily from an online survey. For which you have to do a survey only from a legitimate online survey website. You have been told about the best websites for online surveys in this post through which you can earn money.

What are the types of online surveys?

Online Surveys categorizes into six main classes based mostly on the aim they’re created for. For ease of understanding, we now have labeled them into 6 broad varieties:

Web Promoter Rating Surveys:- This survey helps in analyzing how skeptical the product/service is for the current buyer to be truly useful. The web promoter survey tells the loyalty of the buyer and what they think about the product and services.

Buyer Satisfaction Surveys:- This survey is done to measure buyer satisfaction, which includes some products/services. Through this survey, you come to know the defect of your product & services. As a result, you remove the defect of products and services so that the expectations of the customers can be met.

Market Analysis Surveys:- Guess the market tendencies and analyze the viability of a product/service. These surveys typically carried out earlier than launching a product within the goal market.

Submit-Occasion Surveys:- This survey is mostly used by the organizers to measure the success or failure of an occasion and conference based on the suggestions of the attendees.

Worker Satisfaction Surveys:- This survey helps human resources(HR) to have higher interaction with their employees. And to know how the mood of the worker is? Through this survey, HR gets suggested feedback to keep his worker happy and comfortable.

Tutorial Analysis Surveys:- As the name suggests this survey focuses on the validation of analysis & thesis of college students and school teachers with real-world information. 


types of online surveys


What is the purpose of an online survey?

The main reason for conducting an online survey is to know what the public thinks about the product and services. Online surveys are very economical for companies to execute their future plans and increase the quality of products and services. This post is all about the best website for online surveys.

Best websites for online surveys


Which is the best survey-paying website?


  1. Swagbucks
  2. InboxDollars
  3. Toluna
  4. Opinion Outpost
  5. Ipsos i-say
  6. YouGov
  7. Valued Opinions 
  8. Google Opinion Rewards


1. Swagbucks

  • What is Swagbucks?
  • How Swagbucks works?
  • Do Swagbucks really pay?
  • Are Swagbucks legit?
  • How to Earn Money, Rewards & Coupon through Swagbucks?
  • How to Earn Free Money with Swagbucks?

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a free and extremely rated digital rewards and cashback website. It paid out over $551 million to its customers. Swagbucks presents a variety of actions for its customers to generate income online.


Swagbucks is a web-based most popular coupon, paid online survey, and free gift card program website. You can earn free gift cards and money every day from Swagbucks by working online.

Its Headquartered is in El Segundo, California. Swagbucks is a subsidiary model of Prodege, LLC. Prodege, LLC is a number one Web and media firm that operates a number of buyer engagement manufacturers.

Earn Money Online With Google In India

How Swagbucks works?

First, you have to Join Swagbucks Click Here.

Second, Earn Points.

Third, Get free gift cards.

Do Swagbucks really pay?

Undoubtedly, Swagbucks offers real money, but you have to fulfill the terms and conditions of Swagbucks. This means you have not to do cheating with Swagbucks. Millions of people are earning real money on this platform every day. By clicking here you can check the terms & conditions of Swagbucks. 

Are Swagbucks legit?

Yes! Swagbucks is a legit web-based online surveys website. Because it follows all the rules & regulations as I mentioned above in “How to check the Legit online surveys website”? 

How to Earn Money, Rewards & Coupon through Swagbucks?

swagbucks online paid surveys

Image Source:-Swagbucks

Swagbucks, pay for every survey either in the form of gift cards or SB, or Both. SB is the rewards point given by Swagbuck which later can be converted into real money or gift cards. 

For Paid Surveys, you need to go to the dashboard where U will find the Home Tab at the top left, after clicking on it, the Answer button will appear. Then click on Answer Button, after clicking on it, the survey page will open.

Swagbucks Paid Surveys

Another option for Paid Surveys, when you Log In for Swagbucks, the very first page opens, where you have to click on the option “Fill out this quick survey”. Then you directly go to the survey page. 

Swagbucks Online Paid Surveys

How much Swagbucks pay for online surveys?

Swagbucks pays for online surveys of its users between $0.05 and $2.50 and sometimes as much as $25 – $35.

  • Mobile Apps

It is the best way to earn money anywhere anytime. As you know mobile is a very light gadget and it is available with you anywhere like traveling. I mean to say you can utilize your every minute in earning money through your mobile phone. 

Swagbucks earn through mobile app

  • Free online Games

By playing online mobile games at Swagbucks you can generate 25 SB To 100 SB. Click Here to play free online games on Swagbucks.

  • Explore Offers & Get Free gift cards

You can make 7000 SB by exploring different types of offers Click Here. Another way is to explore offers, for which you have to click on Discover on the Home tab at the top left of the Swagbucks.

Explore Offers & Get Free gift cards

How to Earn Free Money with Swagbucks?

  • Receives a commission for sharing your opinions with online surveys.
  • Earn money by making an attempt at new services and products like FabFitFunFiverrDoordash, and Airbnb.
  • Get rewarded to observe movies from well-liked and enjoyable Youtube channels to the area of interest blogs with online movies.
  • Use the Swagbucks shopping portal to get cashback while you shop online.
  • Test SB Native and MyGiftCardsPlus earlier than you dine out to get cashback at widespread eating places.

How does cash-back shopping work, Click Here?

Click Here To Go Swagbucks


2. InboxDollars

  • What is InboxDollar?
  • In which country InboxDollar is working?
  • How to make money with InboxDollar?
  • How Do You Get Paid?

What is InboxDollar?

InboxDollar is an online earning platform and comes under the Best website for online surveys. It has many options like online surveys, watching videos, reading emails through which you can make money. It is incepted in 2000. InboxDollar is a subsidiary of Prodege and Prodege is a renowned Data-Driven Marketing & Consumer Insights company, headquartered in Los Angeles.

In which country InboxDollar is working?

It means InboxDollar is currently accepting account opening from the U.S. But it works all over the world. Whenever it starts accepting a new opening of an account from another country, I will update it. You can leave your email here so that you get information on it. 

How to make money with InboxDollar?

  • Play Games

InboxDollar Play Games

Image Source:-InboxDollar

When you play games online You’ll earn cash & gift cards. InboxDollar connects you to the online game companies that want more players. 

InboxDollar has Arcade Games & Worldclass Games. 

Arcade Games:- Card games, strategy games, Word games, Action games, and More.

World-class Games:- Poker, Casino, Wheel of Fortune, and More.

Play games InboxDollar

Image Source:- InboxDollar

InboxDollar rewards you with your choice of cash or gift cards for sharing your opinions. 


Paid online survey InboxDollar

Image Source:-InboxDollar

  • Get Paid to Read Email

It is the easiest task for making money at the InboxDollar platform. In this, you read email, InboxDollar pays you as per your choices either cash or gift cards.

get paid to read email

Image source:-InboxDollar

  • Watch Videos

In this section, you watch videos and InboxDollar gives you cash or gift cards.


watch video & earn cash inboxdollar

Image source:-InboxDollar

  • Earn Cash Back For Shopping

If you buy any product through InboxDollar, you get cashback.

earn cash back from shopping

Image Source:- InboxDollar

  • Earn Cash for printing & Redeeming Coupons
Earn Cash for printing & Redeeming Coupons

Image Source:-InboxDollar

How Does It Work?

It’s so simple. Once you’re on the lookout for coupons or planning your grocery store run, take a look at the InboxDollars coupon web page.

You can look over the record of present affords. You’ll discover InboxDollars coupons for widespread retailers like Purina One, Copycat Magnificence,, and

Click on or “clip” the offers you need and print them totally free. Then redeem them as you’ll with some other coupon whenever you take a look at within the retailer.

How this Model Works?

This model featured within the coupon will monitor your procuring journey and pay a fee to InboxDollar, and InboxDollar shares a portion with you. Moreover, you’ll receive a commission for every coupon you print. As much as $0.25 a day or practically $100 in 12 months.

How Do You Get Paid through InboxDollar?

If you’re prepared, getting paid is straightforward. You possibly can request payment rapidly and simply, through money, reward card, or PayPal.

  • Funds processed each Wednesday.
  • Check funds mailed to your home address.
  • Digital gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Goal, and different retailers.
  • The choice to donate to Animal Humane Society, Purple Cross, or different charities.

Click Here To Go InboxDollar

3. Toluna

  • What is Toluna?
  • How to make money with Toluna?
  • Does Toluna pay cash?
  • Is Toluna trustworthy?
  • How much can you make on Toluna?
  • How do I redeem Toluna points?

What is Toluna?

Toluna is a web-based online survey website. It is the parent company of Harris Interactive Europe and KuRunData. Toluna is the fastest & easiest platform to ask and answer questions. It is available across all over the world.

You can choose Toluna Online Survey as per your country. And the option for choosing the country you will find at the footer of the page.

Toluna Online survey


How to make money with Toluna?

By playing games, online surveys, polls, Battles, & more you can make money with Toluna. These all options are available at the Dashboard of Toluna.

Toluna online survey

Does Toluna pay cash?

Yes! Toluna pays cash. You can redeem points through Paypal. Your 51,000 points are equivalent to INR500. And a minimum of INR500 you can redeem. If you are from other than India, you can redeem by calculating according to your country’s currencies.

Is Toluna trustworthy?

Yes! Toluna is a trustworthy platform. Because it is not taking any type of sensitive data like credit or debit card details.

How much can you make on Toluna?

As you know online survey website is for earning in your spare time. The online survey website is the means of your extra income and you can not become very rich through this platform.

There is no guarantee that how much you can earn in a single day. It depends on you how much time you are giving on the platform. But by an estimate, you can earn easily from $ 1 to $ 10. But earning depends on the availability of Survey and Other Earning Methods.

How do you redeem Toluna points?

There are many ways of redemption of Toluna Points like Reward Voucher. But the most valuable Toluna Points Redemption are three ways:-

  • PAYTM E-Gift Card 


49,500 Toluna points are equivalent to INR500. 

Why I said the BIG BAZAR redemption way is important?

Because today almost everyone goes to BIG BAZAR. So you can easily redeem Toluna Points at BIG BAZAR.

How to redeem Toluna Points at BIG BAZAR, PAY PAL & PAYTM E-Gift Card?

For this, you have to go to the Rewards Section of Toluna & check there.

Click Here To Go Toluna

4. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is an online survey website. It pays rewards for your opinions. It pays cash via PayPal and Virtual VISA Prepaid Card. You can do work through desktop, mobile, and tablet.

You can take your Rewards points through a variety of categories like Music & Entertainment, Clothing & Accessories, Food & Dining, Gift Cards & more.

Available:- Across the world

What is the method of earning at Opinion Outpost?

  • Surveys

It has a wide variety of choices. You can choose as per your knowledge or experience.

What is the Value of Opinion Outpost points?

  • 100 points = $10

Sign Up for Opinion Outpost

5. Ipsos i-say

Actually, Ipsos i-say is only “i-say” is an online survey website where you give your valuable thoughts regarding products & services. In lie of your thoughts i-say pay you rewards. 

But the question arises here, Why people say it Ipsos i-say?

Since the i-say survey website is promoted by Ipsos that’s why people say it Ipsos i-say.

What is Ipsos?

Ipsos is renowned multinational market research & consulting company from France. 

Is Ipsos I-say legitimate?

Yes! Ipsos i-say is a legitimate online survey website. As I say above that Ipsos is an old and valuable market research company. So i-say is run by Ipsos and all the criteria to become a legitimate online survey website are full filled by I -say. 

How to Earn Money at Ipsos i-say?

Through the “Survey, Polls, Bonus Quest & Point program” you can make money. The bonus Quest & Point program option is available at the footer of the website.

Are Ipsos surveys safe?

Yes, the Ipsos i-say survey is safe. Because it full fill all criteria of safe surveys. The other reason is Ipsos is a valuable multinational company. 

How do you delete your Ipsos I-say account?

It is very simple to delete your account from Ipsos I-say. To delete your account go to profile and click on the setting option. Then multiple options will open among them you need to click on Unsubscribe.

After another page will be open, where your password will be asked and after typing the password press the continue button. And your account will be permanently deleted.

How much you can Earn from the survey?

From the survey, you can get 5 to 250 points. You get an average of 4 surveys per month.

How do you redeem I-say points?

You can redeem the i-say point through Paytm & XOXOday. 

Note:- This redemption payment option available in India. For other countries, it may vary. To check the redemption option of your country click on the reward section.

Ipsos i-say registration

Sign Up for Ipsos i-say

6. YouGov

YouGov is an online market research company. It is new in the online market research field. YouGov has its headquarter in Goregaon West, Mumbai, India. It has spread its foot in 21 countries.

How can you Earn through the YouGov website?

You can earn by taking participate in an online survey. You will get points as a reward for participating in surveys.

Since it is new therefore it has a mixed review. But according to my view, it is genuine. Since it is not asking for any type of sensitive data like credit card or debit card details. Consequently, you can trust this platform and start earning through surveys on the YouGov platform. 

You can also download its Android App to earn on mobile.

How do you redeem YouGov points for cash?

When you reached 5,000 points then go for redemption for INR 3600 cash through PAYTM.

YouGov presence on the Globe

YouGov Global presence

Sign Up For YouGov online surveys

join yougov panel



7. Valued Opinions 

What are Valued Opinions?

Valued Opinions are an online survey community website & it is the Best website for online surveys. The members of Valued Opinion earn rewards by completing online surveys. It is working as a market research company since 2004. It has 3 million members across worldwide.

Are Valued Opinions trustworthy?

Yes! Valued Opinion online survey website is trustworthy. Only because it is working since 2004. So I am saying that it is completing all the measuring data that a legitimate survey website does.

How you can earn on Valued opinions?

You can earn rewards by completing online surveys, which you can redeem as Amazon gift cards & Flipkart vouchers.

How do you withdraw money from valued opinions?

You can withdraw money from valued opinions as Amazon gift cards & Flipkart vouchers.

Sign Up for Valued Opinions


8. Google Opinion Rewards

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Google Opinion Rewards is an online survey platform developed by Google in 2016. At this platform, you take the survey,  Google pays Rewards. And you receive rewards through Paypal. It is available only on Apps ( App Store & Google Play Store).

You will receive between $0.10 and $1.00 per survey. You will get money for the survey, which you will complete.

What is the fastest way to make money on Google Opinion Rewards?

There is no fastest way to make money on Google Opinion Rewards. Whenever the survey will be available for you, you will get the notification & have to complete it within 24 hours.

How do you cash out Google Opinion Rewards?

When your Google Opinion Reward account reaches $2, then the automatic transfer will be done to your PayPal account.

Does Google Opinion Rewards balance expire?

Yes! Google Opinion Rewards expires within 30 days. If you do not accept the initial payment from Google Opinion Rewards. But if you accept its initial payment, it automatically transfers to your PayPal account (Payment amount is $2). 



You can enjoy your free time on the Best websites for online surveys. Along with enjoyment you can earn money. Through the Best websites for online surveys, you can manage your pocket money. 

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