12 Best survey tools 2021

12 best survey tools 2021

What is Survey?

A Survey is a series of questions that lets you get suggestions out of your clients. 

Surveys are created for numerous functions, resembling to find out about your website efficiency, worker efficiency, buyer preferences, market analysis, and so forth.

What are Survey Tools?

Survey tools are a medium through which you can find out what consumers and clients think about your products and services. 

For which you put questions in survey tools and the consumer gives the response. Later you can put this survey in front of your consumer and viewer.

Why Survey Tools are necessary?

In order to survive the products and services in the growing competition, it is very important to know what the view of users is about it. 

The importance of survey tools increases to know this idea.

How can the products and services be improved, if you input this question in your survey? 

Then you get a lot of innovative ideas that you can use further. 

By putting this type of question, the value of your product and services increases. Due to the above benefits, survey tools are needed.

How many types of Surveys?

1. Net Promoter Survey (NPS)

When a customer comes to your website and queries with your support team. Then the survey that comes in front of the customer is called the NPS survey.

Benefits of NPS:-

The NPS survey converts the guests on your website as leads (product to purchase).

Net Promoter Score Survey

2. In-App Survey

It lies at the bottom of the website. 

Benefits of this survey:-

  • Creating leads by requesting credentials like email, name.
  • Seeking suggestions on a specific product, or an article is useful.
  • Descriptive suggestions on enhancing the consumer experience.
Best survey tool In-App survey

3. Web Form Survey

A Web Form Survey is utilized for taking detailed suggestions. It also produces leads by asking a number of questions. 

This web form survey simply embedded in your website and appears as a complete web page.

Best survey tools 2021 Web form survey

4.  Popup Survey

Popup Survey gives a possibility to generate leads. It re-engages customers to take beneficial suggestions earlier than they depart from the website.

A Popup Survey can set off within the following conditions:-

  • Scrolling a webpage
  • After a specific period of time on the web site
  • When a customer reveals exit-intent
PopUp surveys

5. Sidebar Forms

As the name suggests, it appears on the sidebar of the website. It collects feedback, contacts, generate leads, and seek any other information that the form is designed to do.

sidebar survey form

6. Scored Survey

Scored Survey allows you to take details in addition to numerous suggestions out of your website guests utilizing the scoring system.

For instance, you’ll be able to create a Scored Survey consisting of 5 multiple-choice questions having 4 solutions each. 

You can use this survey for your future strategy & planning.

scored survey

Best survey software 2021?

  1. SurveySparrow
  2. Google forms
  3. SurveyMonkey
  4. ProProfs Survey Maker
  5. Nicereply
  6. Zoho Survey
  7. SurveyLegend
  8. Survio
  9. 123FormBuilder
  10. SmartSurvey
  11. QuestionPro
  12. GetFeedback

1. SurveySparrow

Best Survey Maker Tool

SurveySparrow is the best Online, Chatbot & NPS Survey Maker Software.

It is the best among all survey makers. SurveySparrow is not saying, it is being said by the users.

Features of SurveySparrow

  • Craft beautiful Surveys
  • Embeded Surveys
  • White Label Surveys
  • Conversational Forms
  • Mobile friendly surveys
  • Audience Management
  • Lead generation
  • Email Templates
  • Video Surveys & More

Services are provided to

  • Healthcare
  • Agencies
  • Education Sector
  • Hospitality & Travel
  • Market Research
  • SaaS Startup

Which types of survey made by SurveySparrow

  • Customer Experience
  • Employee Experience
  • Product Experience
  • Marketing Experience
  • Sales

Price Structure of SurveySparrow

Plan Price Responses
Business $149/month 50K/month
Enterprise $449/month 100K/month

# Not available Life Time Free Plan

# Share options available @ SurveySparrow #

  • Email
  • QR Code
  • Weblink
  • Embeded 
  • SMS 
  • Social 
  • Offline Mode
SurveySparrow Infographic Software

2. Google Forms

Google Form is an online free survey tool developed by Goolge.

best survey tool google forms

How Google Forms Works?

Google Forms works in two ways. First by opening an account in Google Forms. Secondly, by going to Google Drive, you can go to Google Forms by clicking on My Drive.

Google forms survey tool

In Google Form you get two options blank template & from a template. You do not get many features in Google Forms Survey Maker. It is a simple survey maker tool. Whatever response you get from Google Forms Survey, remains in the response segment in your drive.

How to send survey from Google Forms?

When your survey is ready, you click on send button. Then you find ways to share the survey.

There are many ways to share survey in Google Forms:- Email, Embeded code, Embeded Link, & Socail share.

best survey tools google form


  • How to add Questionnaire in Google Form?

    It is very simple to add a Questionnaire in Google Form. For that, you only need to open the Questions button. After that, you can add your question with multiple options.

    You can also import your questions from your PC.

  • best survey software google forms


  • Where to get Responses in Google Form?

    When you open your form or survey, there will be a response button at the top of the page. All the feedback related to that form or service comes in this.

  • best survey maker software google forms

    3. SurveyMonkey

    SurveyMonkey tools are for organizations of all sizes to get answers from people around the world. SurveyMonkey tools provide more than 20 million questions to organizations in collecting feedback.  

    Consequently, feedback drives companies to grow, succeed, and innovate to solve today’s most dogged challenges.

    How to start SurveyMonkey?

    It’s so easy to get started with SurveyMonkey. Because it provides a platform for Newbies, Intermediate, & Expert. 

    You don’t need to learn anything to start your survey program with SurveyMonkey. You need only to click on the platform and the rest will be done by the survey tool.

    How to start SurveyMonkey?

    Important Tips Of Survey Monkey:-

    If you don’t know what type of questions should be in your survey. Therefore SurveyMonkey Tools endow Survey Tips.

    Further, with the help of survey tips, you can easily input the right questions for the survey.

    Survey Tips By Survey Monkey

    How much does SurveyMonkey cost?

    • The Basic plan is FREE.
    • The Standard Monthly plan costs ₨ 899 a month.
    • The Advantage plan costs ₨ 1,999 a month, billed annually.
    • The Premier plan costs ₨ 4,999 a month, billed annually.
    • The Team Advantage plan costs ₨ 1,550 a month, per user, billed annually.
    • The Team Premier plan costs ₨ 3,800 a month, per user, billed annually.
    What are the features of SurveyMonkey?
    • Survey Capabilities

    It has a Number of Surveys, Questions per survey, Number of responses, Pop up, track email & More!

    • Customizations & Branding

    This section has:- Progress bar, Add Logo, Themes & colors, Display a “thank you” page, & More!

    • Survey Builder

    It gives:- Essential Question types, All language supported, Video & Image Questions, & More!

    • Analysis & Reporting

    It lay:- real-time results, Share survey data, Data trends, Print reports & More!

    • Integrations & API

    It keeps collecting:- Send Surveys, Extract Data, API access, Mobile SDK, & More!

    What Types of Audiences you Required?

    If you don’t have your own list of respondents? 

    Then SurveyMonkey Audience lets you send your survey to exactly the right people. You can choose your audience as per an estimate. 

    SurveyMonkey Audience tool sends your survey to people from its global panel who match your criteria. 

    It means Survey Monkey Tools provides an audience as per your needs of the survey. 

    Examples of SurveyMonkey Audience Profile:-

    • General Population (Medium Sample)
    • General Population (Small Sample)
    • Full-Time Employees
    • Consumer Shoppers
    • Parents
    • College Graduates
    • Smartphone Owners

    More details on SurveyMonkey Audience profile Be Here.

    How would you like to get started with Survey Monkey?
    How would you like to start surveymoney?

    4.ProProfs survey maker

    ProProfs is a global multiple survey maker tool. You will get here all 6 types of surveys that I mentioned above.

    ProProfs Survey Maker

    Pricing Structure of ProProfs Survey maker:-

    Types Of Survey Starts At
    Training $3.5 per month
    Quizzes $0.25 per month
    Knowledge Base $0.40 per month
    Survey  $0.10 per month
    Live chat  $15 per month
    Project $3 per month
    Collaborate $0 per month
    Help Desk $15 per month
    Qualaroo $0.002 per month
    Big Contacts $15 per month
    Picreel $14 per month

    What is ProProfs survey maker?

    what is proprofs survey maker

    5. Nicereply

    what is nicereply?

    What is Nicereply?

    Nicereply survey tool helps startup, eCommerce & international corporations to build a strong relationship with the customers. Nicereply is for all sizes of organizations.

    What you will get in Nicereply Surveys?

    • In-signature surveys

    This survey suggests you ask prospects for their views at the bottom of each e-mail. It acts shortly to show a dialog round when it begins to end.

    In signature email survey
    • Net Promoter Score Surveys

    Through the NPS Surveys, you can find out who trusts in your brand & why. 

    • Mobile-ready surveys
    • Instant ratings
    • You can use your own email template
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSAT)
    • Customer Effort Score Surveys
    • Post-resolution email surveys
    post resolution email survey

    What are the features of Nicereply?

    • Survey
    • Customization
    • Integrations (Zendesk, Front, Live agent, Freshdesk, & More!)
    • Analytics
    • Setup
    • Billing 
    • Security
    Price structure of Nicereply
    Plan Starts Per Month Agents Responses/Month Features
    Mini $39 3 100 All features
    Start $79 10 250 All Integrations
    Grow $159 25 1000 Unlimited number of Surveys
    Business $239 50 2500 Unlimited Surveys Sent

    6. Zoho Survey

    what is Zoho survey

    What is the Zoho survey?

    Zoho Survey is a drag & drop questionnaire survey maker. you can make unlimited online surveys free with Zoho. 

    It provides 25 different types of questions for feedback.

    Features of Zoho Survey Tools

    • It is easy to create surveys.
    • Personalize your survey to reflect your personal exceptional style.
    • Easy integration with other apps like Google Sheets, Webhooks.
    • Easy way to send surveys.
    • Collect more responses
    • Analyze Reports – Real-time Reports, Filtered responses, Custom reports, Trend reports & More!
    • Secure survey – HTTPS & Password protected
    • Embedded & In-email survey
    embeded & in-email survey
    What is the Zoho survey used for?

    Zoho survey is used for multiple purposes. 

    1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

    It includes:-

    • B2B Client Satisfaction Survey 
    • Brand Feedback Survey
    • Brand or Product Feedback
    • Car Owner Feedback Survey
    • Customer Feedback Survey
    • Net Promoter Score & More(Total 34 types)

     All surveys are compatible with all devices.

    2. Human Resources

    It includes:-

    • 30 Day New Employee Satisfaction Survey
    • 360 Degree Feedback Survey
    • Career Development Survey
    • Commuting Survey
    • Employee Benefits Survey
    • Employee Engagement Survey
    • Employee Satisfaction Survey & More(Toal 38 types).

    3. Education

    It has:-

    • Campus Facilities Feedback Survey
    • Child Online Behavior Survey
    • Child Social Support Survey
    • Class Evaluation Survey
    • Institute Ranking Survey & More (Total 31 types)

    4. Marketing

    • Advertisement Feedback Survey
    • Brand Acceptance Survey
    • Business Demographics Survey
    • Concept Testing Survey
    • Feature Evaluation Survey & More (Total 65 types)

    5. Health Care Survey

    • 12 Month Hospital Satisfaction Survey
    • Child Health Survey
    • Corona Virus COVID-19 Public Perception Survey
    • Diet and Nutrition Survey
    • Hair Care Products Survey & More(Total 47 types)

    6. Business Survey

    • Dine-in Restaurant Survey
    • Fast Food Restaurant Survey
    • Internet Shopper Survey
    • Resort Evaluation Survey
    • Travel Agency Survey

    7. Govt And Political

    • Environmental Issues Survey
    • Government Support Programs Survey
    • Internet Usage Survey
    • Military Service Survey
    • Safety Issues Survey
    • Voter Feedback on Government Performance Survey
    • Voter Info Survey

    8. Non Profit Organisation

    • Awareness Knowledge and Remedies
    • Donor Feedback Survey
    • Membership Survey
    • Online Fundraising Survey & More (Total 12 types)

    9. Events

    • Contact Survey Form
    • Endurance Event Feedback Survey
    • Entertainment Feedback Survey & More(Total 24 types)
    How does the Zoho survey work?

    1st – Sign Up

    2nd- choose from categories which type of survey you want

    3rd- After choosing the type of survey, the Survey Builder page open

    4th- In the editor section, choose the question type

    5th – In setting section, Upload Survey Logo & Title

    6th – choose a theme & customized it according to your choice

    7th- In the HUB section, Integrate with Google Sheets or other choices, create triggers emails, function(Set up scripts that run when a response is submitted), Webhook (Receive notifications in your server or app whenever a response is submitted), Create tracking with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, & Facebook Pixel.

    8th- Publish

    7. SurveyLegend

    Survey Legend is a survey tool through which you can create great-looking surveys on your computer or tablet. 

    With the help of the survey legend tool, you can display results with eye-catching and insightful graphics. 

    Survey Legend survey maker tool is a drag and drops tool. You don’t need to know any design or market research skills.

    Features of Survey Legend:-

    • Survey Creation (Text Based, Choice Based, Media Based, Branding & More Script!)
    • Customization
    • Logic & Branching
    • Survey Design (Pre-designed themes, Mobile-friendly themes, Personalize themes & More Script!)
    • Data/Response Collection ( On computers,  On tablets,  On mobile phones,  Kiosk Mode,  Spam-bot protection & More!)
    • Data Analytics (Live analytics,  Geographical reach, Pie charts, & More!)
    • Exporting Data ( To Google Drive- all format supported, PDF Export, & More!)
    • Sharing Data – Instant share 
    • API & Integrations
    • Security
    • Support ( All format of support )

    Price Structure of Survey Legend

    Starter Free
    Pro $15/month  OR $170 annually
    Business $25/month OR $300 annually
    Legendary $65/month OR $780 annually

    How to create a survey with Survey Legend?

    It is very simple to create a survey with Survey Legend.

    First, you need to Sign up with the Survey Legend.

    Second, After sign up dashboard will open, where you’ll get Create new Survey, Poll, or Form. 

    Third, after 2nd process, the editor or survey builder page will open. And in this section, you will create your survey as per your requirement by using drag & drop techniques. And at last, you can share & save your survey.

    create survey, form or poll

    8. Survio

    Survio is an online survey maker free & paid tool.

    Features of Survio  

    • Ready-made survey templates
    • 19 question types
    • Single question / multiple questions per page
    • Automatic question numbering
    • Social media sharing plugin
    • 70+ modern pre-built survey designs
    • Multimedia in questions (image, video)
    • Survey embedded to your website: text link
    • Share on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, VK
    • Real-time charts & graphs (pie, bar, column, stacked)
    • Report with summary results
    • Mobile-ready surveys
    • Real-time results evaluation

    Price structure of Survio

    Plan Free Elite Business Personal
    Price Zero $66.58/month $33.25/month $16.58/month

    Types of surveys provided by Survio

    • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Product Evaluation Survey
    • Employee Satisfaction Survey
    • Relationship Loyalty Survey
    • Website User Evaluation Survey
    How To Make Survey @ Survio?

    You can create a survey @ Survio in two ways.

    The first one is to use ready-made templates and the second one is to create by yourself by putting requirements as per your choice.

    How To Make Survey @ Survio?

    9. 123FormBuilder


    123FormBuilder is an online web form, survey, quizzes, & polls maker.

    Types of survey or web form that you make with 123FormBuilder

    • Customer Satisfaction Survey
    • Trivia Quiz
    • Newsletter Subscription Form & More

    Features Of 123FormBuilder

    • Password protected forms
    • 80+Integration
    • Data encryption
    • HIPAA compliance
    • Shareable form links
    • Easily access your collected data from 9+ platforms (eCommerce, website builders, social media channels, and more)
    • Embed images, videos, PDFs, Google Maps
    • Set up forms in multiple languages

    To check more features click here.

    Price structure of 123FromBuilder

    plan Price
    Basic Free
    Individual $19.99/month
    Team $49.99/month
    Enterprise $199.99/month

    10. SmartSurvey

    What is Smart survey

    What is SmartSurvey?

    Smart Survey is a platform for the engagement of website viewers by presenting different types of surveys.

    Types of Surveys provided by SmartSurvey

    • Recruitment Surveys
    • School surveys
    • Gaming Surveys
    • Customer surveys
    • Employee Surveys
    • Market Research Surveys

    Price of SmartSurvey

    Plan Price
    Basic Free
    Professional £30/ month
    Business £60/ month
    Enterprise Request pricing

    All types of plans are available for Trail as Free. But the Basic plan is always free. 

    What is SmartSurvey Co UK?

    11. QuestionPro

    Question Pro survey software

    What is QuestionPro?

    QuestionPro is an online multilingual, mobile-friendly survey maker software.

    Features of QuestionPro

    • Unlimited Surveys & Responses
    • Unlimited questions per survey
    • Password protected surveys
    • Offline mobile app
    • Data quality
    • Heatmap & hotspot
    • Integrations
    • Van Westendorp
    • Community management
    • 24*7 support

    Types of surveys available @ QuestionPro

    • Market Research Survey Software
    • Employee Survey Software
    • Customer Survey Software
    • Community Survey Software
    • Web Survey Software
    • Mobile Survey Software
    • Business Survey Software
    • Enterprise Survey Software
    • Email Survey Software
    • SMS Survey Software
    • Offline Surveys
    • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    • Conjoint Analysis
    • GDPR & EU Compliance
    • Likert Scale

    How to create a survey in question pro?

    1st step – Sign Up

    2nd – Enter Survey Name

    How to create a survey in question pro?

    3rd – Survey Builder page opens. And now you can make your survey.

    Survey Builder page

    Note:- QuestionPro doesn’t have its own customized survey. So if you are new then try others survey makers that have their in-built customized survey. 

    Price structure of Question Pro

    Plan Price
    Essentials Free for life
    Advanced $85/month
    Team Edition Request Pricing

    12. GetFeedback

    GetFeedback Logo

    What is GetFeedback?

    GetFeedback is an online survey maker with the latest CX (Customer Experience) technology.

    Features of GetFeedback:-

    It has an in-built theme & surveys. So you only use the drag and drop method in the building survey.

    GetFeedback provides Workspaces that merge and visualize data from multiple surveys in one place.

    GetFeedback Workspaces Merge and visualize data from multiple surveys

    Types Of Surveys provided by GetFeedback

    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Effort Score
    • Net Promoter Score
    • Customer Experience Score

    SumUp:- “12 Best survey tools 2021″.

    There is a way given by 12 Best survey tools 2021 to improve your goals. For todays time Survey software tool is the best tool for your enterprises to get feedback & to know the performance of your services.

    My best survey tool is SurveySparrow. You can try SurveySparrow.

    And Thank you for reading12 Best survey tools 2021″. kindly subscribe to the blog and like & share.

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