Best Customer Feedback Software In 2021

best customer feedback software in 2021

Feedback is the Breakfast of the Champion.

If you want to increase your sales, turn feedback into feedforward.

Feedback software solves the problem of where and how to get the feedback.

Currently, reviews & feedback influence 88% of consumers when it comes to searching for a local business.

In today’s digital market, no marketing strategy is complete without reviews & feedback.

You need a holistic approach Including customer communications, reviews & feedback generation, and management to maintain competitiveness.

Online reviews also have a significant impact on the visibility and online ranking of your business.

93% of consumers say online reviews have an impact on their purchasing decisions

65% of consumers have read an online review before going to buy

About half of consumers are willing to travel farther and pay more to a business with high reviews

A Moz survey suggests that online review & feedback represent about 10% of the business in the Google search engine algorithm for a total weight of more than 200 ranking factors.

That is why local businesses need the best customer feedback software in 2021 to optimize their review & feedback management.

94% of local businesses that use the best customer feedback software in 2021 agree that it provides enough Return on Investment to make up for the cost.

Customer Feedback Software helps the merchant of e-commerce businesses to collect reviews of products on their websites to improve the e-commerce business experience.

11 Best Customer Feedback Software In 2021

1. eKomi

Overall rating (3/5)
Ease of Use (6.7/10)
Quality of Support (3.3/5)
eKomi customer feedback software

eKomi is the world’s Best Customer Feedback Software In 2021 because it collects verified, authentic product and customer ratings and reviews.

That’s why it is my first preference in the list of best customer feedback software in 2021.   

eKomi’s innovative social commerce technology helps online businesses to generate seller ratings, customer reviews, product reviews, and social recommendations.

eKomi creates an amazing impact across websites, social networks, and search engines. Thereby creating an impact in generating income for businesses.

How You Benefit from eKomi

  1. Use reviews to increase your conversion rate
  2. Gain more customers with Google Product Integration
  3. Protection against malicious reviews
  4. Satisfied customers are the best salespeople
  5. Get more visitors with search engine optimized user-generated content
  6. Increase your transaction volume

What value do you receive when you collect reviews with eKomi?

  1. Trust

Displaying eKomi seals and Reviews on the website builds confidence in the company or website.

eKomi customer feedback software

2. Strong Syndication Network

Reviews are posted across the web so businesses can take advantage of its viral effects.

ekomi strong syndication network

3. Increased Response Rates

EKomi’s technology and innovations help companies collect more and better reviews.

Ekomi feedback software increase response time

4. High Review Standard

eKomi High responce feedback
eKomi high response feedback
5. SEO-Rich Content
Thus, Reviews collected with eKomi are Marketable, Engaging, & Insightful.
Features Of eKomi:-
Reviews go online and spread on the web
  • Administrate the entire feedback to protect high reviews standard
  • Reviews can be downloaded in any format
  • Reviews Displayed on the website along with the eKomi widget & seal for greatest sale impact
  • Build relationships with internal CRM data to increase business insights
eKomi customer feedback

Benefits Of eKomi Widget

  • Display 10 latest & best reviews
  • Show how many reviews have generated 
  • Highlight your average score
  • Generate Trust
  • Increase buy Value
  • Higher Visibility & Traffic

2. Survey Sparrow

Overall Rating (4.4/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support
Survey Sparrow Customer Feedback Software

Survey Sparrow is an all-encompassing customer feedback experience management software.

It ranks second on my list of Best Customer Feedback Software in 2021 because of its reliability.

Survey Sparrow helps you to improve your customer experience.

According to the survey, WhatsApp chat feedback gives 40 percent more guaranteed responses.

And so SurveySparrow was born with the world’s first chat feedback.

Features Of Survey Sparrow:-

  • Reach more with omnichannel engagements

  • Versatile feedback solutions to meet every need.

  • Enterprise-grade security

  • Expert-designed reports to uncover insights

  • Feedback of all types, to meet all needs

  • White-labeling to make it truly yours

  • You will get support across all timezones


Survey sparrow price is available in three groups

Elite Enterprise Business
For this plan, Contact Survey Sparrow


Per Month/Billed Annually


Per Month/Billed Annually


14 Day’s Free Trial Available

14 Day’s Free Trial Available

If you need, Offline Devices like Kiosks, terminals, devices. Available at $10 Per Device/ Per Month.

If you want to Raise your API Limit that means Connect with custom apps. Available at $49 Per 1000 API’s Per Day

For Startups

Get a $2000 Credit, all for just $500!

SurveySparrow for Education

50% off for students!

SurveySparrow for Not-for-profit Organization

15% off for NGOs!

3. Pastel

Overall Rating (4.5/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Is it difficult for you to get customer feedback?

So why aren’t you using the best Pastel customer feedback software in 2021?

Let me explain to you;

How useful is Pastel for customer feedback for your business or website?

  • Make live reviews and comments on websites.
  • One-click sharing with customers and teammates.
  • The Pastel is simple and easy.
  • Enter a URL and in seconds, Pastel lets you click to leave a comment on your website.
  • Share a unique pastel link with clients or teammates to get their feedback in one place.
  • Make a copy of suggestions easily with Pastel and see the before and after on the page.


The price of the Pastel is divided into 4 categories.

Free Forever Solo Studio Enterprise
$0 $19/Month $99/Month $350/Month

4. Clarabridge

Overall Rating (4/5)
Ease of Use (8.2/10)
Quality of Support (8.5/10)
Ease of Setup (7.6/10)

Clarabridge helps the world’s leading manufacturers implement a customer-centric, data-driven approach to every part of the business.

Clarabridge uses text and speech analysis powered by artificial intelligence.

In doing so, manufacturers extract actionable insights from each buyer’s interactions with the intent of building gross sales, ensuring compliance, and improving operational efficiency.

Clarabridge has recognized as a leader in the Forrester Wave customer feedback management platform Q2 2021 and the Forrester Wave AI-based text analytics platform Q2 2020.

The report says the position of Clarabridge as the best customer feedback software on the market in 2021.

Features of Clarabridge:-

  • Connect Easily Across Digital Sources like social networks, messaging applications, email, and community support forums.
  • Prepared and execute effective responses, & templates of publishing guidelines.
  • Maximize and improve customer service metrics such as first resolution rate, reopening rate, and average handling time per case.
  • Clarabridge allows you to automatically identify topics of social interaction and route to the right agent at the right time.
  • Clarabridge is faster and more effective than manual tagging.
  • Social Bot Integration

5. Podium

Overall Rating (4.4/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Podium Feedback Software helps e-commerce business merchants to collect product reviews on their websites to enhance the e-commerce business experience.

At Podium, it’s easy to get a quick response from your customers when you message them.

Most notably, negative reviews, about which Podium Automation Technology gives you instant notifications that help you stay ahead in your field.

Features of Podium:-

You will find all the functions mentioned here in the podium panel/dashboard.

  • Total number of reviews
  • Overall average rating
  • Most productive review sites
  • Recent reviews from all platforms
  • Employee leaderboard
  • Quick response time

To know the prices:- You should contact the Podium.

6. UseResponse

Overall rating (4.7/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

UseResponse is a multi-channel best customer feedback software in 2021.

UseResponse is a powerful tool to reduce support time & improve customer experience.

Features Of UseResponse:-

  • The Feedback Portal can be visible to all users or private only to your team (with custom sorting and grouping options).
  • Custom comment management workflow using your own conditions.
  • The advanced voting system with vote limiter.
  • Smart moderation tool for reviewing content before it is published.
  • Receive all requests in the funnel – submit topics/votes on behalf of the client.
  • Use triggers to automate the routine processing of incoming comments.
  • The unified mobile interface allows for the management and access of comments on any tablet or phone.
  • Use integrations to get feedback from third-party tools.
  • The widget can be customized to integrate with any website or service page.



7. AskNicely

Overall Rating (4.6/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

AskNicely is awesome feedback & reviews collector best customer feedback software in 2021.

Automatically collect feedback at the right time with customizable customer surveys.

Email, SMS or web for industry-leading response rates.

Track any customer experience metrics including NPS, 5-Star, CSAT, or Customer Effort Score.

Features Of AskNicely:-

  • Post your comments on the appropriate screens for each feature while they are up to date.

  • AskNicely’s online customer feedback system is published directly to mobile apps, TV panels, PowerPoint and Slack, and more than 40 CRM platforms, including Salesforce.

  • Generate reviews and referrals or fix things for your clients with built-in workflow feedback, escalation, and management tools.

  • Make sure your customers get quick responses to their comments by using AskNicely or your own CRM.

AskNicely customer feedback software
By AskNicely

Price:- Contact AskNicely Or Book A Demo

8. Proprofs

Overall Rating (4.7/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Proprofs is one of the best and technology-driven best customer feedback software in 2021.

Proprof is driven to create deliciously smart appliances with incredible support for creating trustworthy reviews in a variety of ways.

It helps you work better, get better employees, and make customers happier.

Proprofs Qualaroo is customer & user feedback software. 

Features of Proprofs Qualaroo:-

  • Ask for pricing feedback when viewing a pricing page.
  • Ask why someone isn’t shopping when they’re about to leave.
  • Seek website/product/app feedback based on engagement.
  • Ask for Feedback on Content as They Scroll and Read Pages.
  • Analytics and reports based on artificial intelligence.

  • Quick response information and advanced reports.

  • Get the answers you need without compromising on speed and performance.
  • Integrate Qualaroo with your favorite tools like Zapier, Hubspot.


Essentials Premium Enterprise
$80/Month $160/Month Contact Proprofs Qualaroo

9. Typeform

Overall Rating (4.65/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Are you stuck in customer satisfaction?

Don’t you know why your sales don’t increase?

As you know if your customer is satisfied with your service then it will give you sales, otherwise do you believe in yourself?

The solution to everything is in the customer feedback software.

So Typeform is one of the best Customer Feedback Software in 2021.

Typeform takes you out of the struggle of the actual interaction with the customer.

And your sales are growing by 5-10%, according to the survey cited in this post.

Features Of Typeform:-

  • Looks great on desktop computers or mobile devices

  • Embed as Popup, Sidebar, etc.

  • No coding needed

  • easy to share reports

  • Analysis and Results Panel

  • Connect to Slack, Sheets, and more


Essentials Professional Premium
35 USD/mo 35 USD/mo 70 USD/mo

10. Qualtrics

Overall Rating (4.7/5)
Value for money
Ease of use
Customer support

Qualtrics is a 360-degree best customer feedback software in 2021.

It is an innovative end-to-end solution for world-class customer satisfaction.

First Let me know you;

What is 360-degree feedback?

360-degree feedback is a way for managers to get a complete picture of one’s strengths and weaknesses.

As an alternative to two-way dialogue, the place where the supervisor criticizes the worker.

For example, one may also be an excellent supervisor whose members of the workforce adore them.

Yet, friends and senior managers don’t see much of him or have visibility into his daily work.

If you only talk to one of these 3 teams you will get a different concept of efficiency from this person.

Features Of Qualtrics:-

  • Automate the multi-rater review process with fast and easy feedback
  • Empower managers to have more actionable conversations based on trends and 360° data analysis
  • Deliver personalized reports to employees and protect testers’ anonymity with built-in privacy features
  • Optimizing Customer Acquisition
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention
  • Reduce serving costs
  • Increase customer engagement 
  • Build brand awareness and equity
  • Feedback at the page and website level to understand conversion barriers and reported satisfaction
  • Generate leads and capture contact details
  • Delivery of targeted content, promotions, and experiences based on visitor profiles and behavior
  • Seamless integration with analytical platforms
  • No interaction is required with the vendor or IT to design, launch or change solutions

Price:- Contact Qualtrics

11. Brand24

Overall Rating (4.8/5)
Ease of use
Value for money
Customer support
Brand24 customer reviews & feedback tool

Brand24 is a reliable and easy-to-use media monitoring solution used by businesses of all sizes.

It is used to track, engage and analyze real-time online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors.

Brand24 provides a solution that allows users to quickly respond to mentions about their company, follow up on positive comments from a brand ambassador.

It provides a quick response to a disgruntled customer before the situation worsens.

Today, most consumers do their research online before making a purchase decision.

Brand24 provides tools for companies to find these potential customers, identify where to promote products and obtain information about customers.

It also comes under the best customer feedback software in 2021

Features Of Brand24:-

  • Follow and participate in online conversations relevant to your brand.
  • Engagement Tracking
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Data Import/Export 
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Find out what people are saying about your brand and take action in real-time.
  • Participate in discussions related to your business with a click of the mouse.
  • Limit your results to focus on what is most important to you.
  • You can filter by the source of mention, opinion, number of visits, and more.


Plus Premium Max
$49/Month $99/Month $199/Month

At last, the best customer feedback software in 2021, I am sharing some more information regarding customer feedback.

To understand the impact of reviews, you need to understand the basics of search rankings.

Simply put, search engines rank websites based on perceived authority.

Authorization is based on several factors, such as the age and depth of a website.

Facebook was one of the first major platforms to offer business reviews as of 2013.

Today, there are about 1.5 billion people logging in every day, providing a huge audience for businesses.

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  • What are the Customer Feedback Tools?

    Customer Feedback Tool is a software through which customer’s interests and preferences are known.

  • What are the common customer feedback collection tools?

    eKomi, Survey Sparrow, Typeform, Survey Monkey, Hubspot, Opinion inc lab, Clarabridge, Qualtrics, Qualaroo inc, Zendesk, Usabilla, Survey Gizmo, Get satisfaction, Proprofs, Asknicely limited, Bazaarvoice, Ideascale, Customer satisfaction ltd, Crazy egg, Zoho corporation, Jot form, Live chat.

  • Which of the following is the best tool to get user feedback?

    eKomi, Survey sparrow, Typeform, Pastel, Qualtrics, Brand24 are the best feedback collection tools.

  • How do you ask for feedback from customers?

    There are many ways to ask for feedback like what do you like the most about the product, is the quality of the product according to its price, what is your opinion on this product.

  • what’s the best way to generate authentic reviews?

    The main thing is to make reviews easy for your customers. And it depends on two important components? Timing and convenience.

  • How do you make leaving reviews convenient?

    Text. The text has an open rate of 98% and 95%. A text message is open in 3 minutes.

  • What are the best customer feedback analysis tools?

    UserVoice,, Intercom, Productboard, Survey monkey.