11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software 2021

In this post, I have shared a summary checklist of 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software 2021.

Within an ever-expanding market and fierce competition, to prosper you need to be taller and have more data and skills than your competitors.

There are many advertising and marketing methods in the market that can help you attract customers to your services or products.

Online affiliate marketing is a method on the Internet in which you pay someone else to bring guests to your home through referral links.

However, managing all the affiliate programs on a daily basis is not an easy task.

Due to this fact, there are many affiliate management applications on the market, to ease the pain.

What you need to know before choosing the best affiliate tracking software?

The first function of any affiliate software program is to report and watch results to the relevant affiliate community.

Want to share your conversion knowledge with your PPC channels, which can lead to marketing campaign optimization.

The largest affiliate monitoring software programs should also help you build custom viewers from your Google Analytics and Fb conversion knowledge.

If you are just getting started with internet affiliate marketing online.

So people friendly software program is a must.

The best internet affiliate marketing software programs should have online control panels and various easy-to-use options.

The educational tool is strong if you can learn how to use the software program.

So the consumer will find himself wasting time navigating the software program correctly.

And these days, if you want to be a profitable entrepreneur, wasting time is proportional to cash. .

As a way to easily promote your ad, integration is of the utmost importance.

Your affiliate monitoring software program should work seamlessly with completely different on-site bot and email advertising features to help you improve your advertising methods.

The postback functionality is very important and really useful.

Helps you check conversions.

You do not wish to use any monitoring pixels on the Service Provider’s website.

Cookies are also important these days as security in surveillance is increasing and are widely used by many affiliated entrepreneurs.

And last but not least, it should be cheap and fit in your pocket.

But, that’s a lot for a surveillance software program, although you need to spend an hour in these brutal competitors.

Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Platforms 2021

1. Anytrack.io

Rating (5/5):-

Any Track is a plug-and-play conversion monitoring platform.

It allows entrepreneurs to track, attribute and synchronize their conversions across ad campaigns.

It also provides details about audience information on the entire advertising movement.

Anytrack.io is fully integrated with any type of movement, equipment, and promotional network.
So you can take full advantage of advanced marketing campaign optimization tools, improve your ROI and grow your online business with confidence.
The AnyTrack has been developed with a “user behavior focused” strategy so that the platform is tailored to your workflow.
Conversions and audience awareness syncs with your Google Analytics and Facebook Conversion APIs as you add the AnyTrack TAG to your website.

Features of Anytrack.io

  1. One Tag

  • No coding skills required
  • Real-time validation
  • Instant setup

2. AutoTrack Events

  • Auto-detect offer links & forms
  • Promote unlimited offers
  • Works with your current setup

3. Analytics Connection

  • Google Analytics granular data
  • Facebook Conversion API
  • One-Click Setup

4. Affiliate Networks

  • +60 Integrated networks
  • API or Postback URL integrations
  • Custom integration on demand

Anytrack.io works with:-

  • Google Ads

  • Facebook Ads

  • Native Ads

  • Multi-Channel Marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence


Basic Personal Advance
$50/Monthly $150/Monthly $300/Monthly
14 day’s Free Trial 14 day’s Free Trial 14 day’s Free Trial

Free Plan, No credit card required

Benefit In the free plan:-

  • 1 Website
  • 1 Ad Pixel
  • 1 Integration
  • Up To 5,000 Sessions

Best For:-

  • PPC Agencies
  • Affiliate Marketers 
  • Content marketers
  • Social Media
  • SEO Marketers

2. Tapfiliate

Rating (4.6/5)(50):-
5e58e60308b56 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software
Tapfiliate is a cloud-based referral monitoring software program.
It allows you to create, view, and customize your personal affiliate/referral program.
Tapfiliate is integrated with 30+ software like Zapier, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Stripe, and more.
It supports many languages ​​and currencies, so you can probably run a worldwide marketing campaign.
Moreover, you can customize the branding of your affiliate pages, referral links, and emails.

Best For:-

E-commerce & SaaS 


Affiliate Management Analytics/ROI Tracking Banner Management
Bonus Management Campaign Management Commission Management
Contact Management For Customer Referrals For Employee Referrals
Fraud Detection Lead Engagement Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)
Multi-Channel Marketing Referral Templates Referral Tracking
Social Promotion Rewards Management Third-Party Integrations


  Essential Pro Enterprise
Price/Month $69 $149 $499
Clicks/Month 2 Lakhs 5 Lakhs Unlimited Clicks
Impression/Month 1 Lakhs 25 Lakhs Unlimited
Conversions/Month 75,000 2.5 Lakhs Unlimited
Affiliates Up To 1,000 10,000 Unlimited

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3. Partner Stack

Rating (4.8/5) (49)
PartnerStack is a complete stack solution for B2B SaaS partnerships.
It helps your channel management needs completely from a single platform.
Partner Stack gives you access to the global B2B partner community that supports over half a million partnerships globally.
It is ideal for medium-sized companies.

Features Of Partner Stack:-

Affiliate Management Campaign Management Commission Management
Partner Management Pipeline Management Referral Tracking
Fraud Detection Incentive Management Rewards Program
Third-Party Integrations Social Engagement Channel Analytics

Best For:-

  • SMB and Mid-Market B2B SaaS companies with referral,
  • Affiliate,
  • And other channel management needs, like reseller, ambassador, and other partner marketing.


Contact Partner Stack.

4. Improvado

Rating (4.5/5) (20):-
Improvado is an Enterprise Marketing Data Platform that automates the complex parts of data management.
You don’t need to do more manual anything.
Just automate your work & all done!
It has more than 200 connectors that empower your marketing team.
Facebook ads, google analytics & more!
It consolidates all your advertising & marketing information in one place.
Which makes it very easy for you to know the work of your team.


AB Testing Brand Tracking Campaign Analytics Application Management
Analytics/ROI Tracking Profitability Analysis Promotions Management Referral Tracking

& Lot’s More!

Best For:-

  • Mid-size companies and enterprises from the E-commerce,
  • Healthcare,
  • Gaming,
  • Computer Software industries 

Price:- You have to Reach Improvado for price details

Note:- No Free trial

5. Attribution

Rating (4.8/5) (11):-

Attribution is an advanced multi-touch marketing data company.

It empowers each marketer/business with data to convert more buyers and maximize ROI.


Analytics/ROI Tracking Referral Tracking Multiple Site Management Site Search Tracking
Customer Journey Mapping Cross Channel Attribution Audience Targeting Campaign Management

& More!

Best For:-

  • B2B and B2C marketers


Contact Attribution 

6. Oribi

Rating (4.6/5) (21):-

Oribi is an all-in-one advertising and marketing analytics software.

It helps companies of all sizes make smart, data-driven selections.


Analytics/ROI Tracking Channel Management Dashboard Conversion Tracking
Campaign Tracking Audience Targeting Cross Channel Attribution Action Management

& More!

Featured In:-

Best Ease of Use Customer Journey Mapping Tools Software (2020)

Best For:-

  • eCommerce
  • marketing agencies
  • And More!


Business Website $630/Monthly
ecommerce shop $990/Month
Marketing Agency $900/Month

All prices may vary as per your Visitors.

7. Measured

Rating (5/5) (10)

Measured is an analytics and marketing data-driven platform.

It drives the growth of media houses and enterprises.


nalytics/ROI Tracking Audience Targeting Channel Attribution Campaign Tracking
Conversion Tracking Data Integration Cross Channel Attribution Budgeting/Forecasting

Best For:-

  • Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands
  • eCommerce
  • Retail


Contact Measured

8. ActiveDEMAND

Rating (4.2/5) (72):-

ActiveDEMAND is a versatile advertising platform for digital advertising businesses and entrepreneurs.


Analytics/ROI Tracking Auto-Responders Campaign Tracking Call Tracking Metrics
Audience Targeting Access Controls/Permissions AB Testing Campaign Management

& More!

Best For:-

  • Marketing Agencies
  • SBM marketers

9. Dreamdata

Rating (4.9/5) (14)

Dreamdata is a B2B Data Analytics Platform that helps you grow your business.

It is a world class Income attribution platform.


AI/Machine Learning Analytics/ROI Tracking Budgeting/Forecasting Campaign Tracking
Conversion Tracking Multi-Touch Attribution Goal Setting / Tracking Dashboard

& More!

Best For:-

  • Companies with 50 to 500 employees

10. Terminus

Rating (4.6/5) (141):-
Terminus is a B2B marketing & sales growth software.
Terminus gives you more ways to put your brand in front of the right people.
You can fully automate your campaigns through many channels.
You can create an engaging sound experience that follows your audience throughout the buyer journey.


AB Testing Analytics/ROI Tracking Audience Targeting Campaign Tracking
Engagement Tracking Conversion Tracking Campaign Personalization Customer Segmentation

& More!

Best For:-

  • B2B marketers
  • sales professionals
  • customer success managers


Basic Advanced Professional Enterprise
Contact Terminus Contact Terminus  Contact Terminus  Contact Terminus 

11. AdSanity

adsanity affiliate ad white 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software
Rating (5/5):-
Adsanity rating

AdSanity is an Ad management Plugin for WordPress websites.

If you want to run any type of ad, AdSanity will easily manage it on your website.

This plugin is an easy way to increase ad revenue.

It is tied up with all types of ads.
This plugin easily shows where and how to display ads on your website.

AdSanity Requirement:-

  • Minimum of WordPress version 3.9
  • MySQL 5
  • PHP 5.6

It is compatible with all types of WordPress hosted service.

Features Of AdSanity:-

  • Add and manage local images, link ads, or external network ads.
  • Set publish and end dates for ads, also create and manage ad groups.
  • Use sidebar widgets.
  • Insert ads or ad groups into the sidebar. 
  • Monitor views and clicks of your advertisements.


Basic All-In-One All-In-One For Life
$49/Yr $149/Yr $489

Affiliate marketing online is one of the useful advertising methods that help in selling your products.

Hence, the need for the right affiliate tracking software application is imperative, so that you can manage and view your affiliate links effectively.

You will need to follow best practices with the intention of getting the most results.

So, I hope this post has helped you in finding the top 11 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software 2021 platforms for you to monitor.

Share your thoughts in the comments section below and if our post meets your goal, please share it with your social media community on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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  • What is the best affiliate tracking software?

    Tapfiliate, Partnerstack, anytrack.io, Improvado, Attribution

  • Where can I promote affiliate links for free?

    There are social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc., where you can promote your affiliate link for free.

    But there are some affiliate links which are banned on social media, you cannot promote them.

  • What tools are needed for affiliate marketing?

    There are many tools like Analytics/ROI Tracking, Commission Management, etc are needed for affiliate marketing. But single tool you can’t buy. So you can go for affiliate tracking software.

  • How do you track affiliate marketing?

    You can track affiliate marketing through affiliate tools.