Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income

Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income

Are you looking for one of the best affiliate programs for recurring commission?

Effectively, you are in good search and this post is for your benefit!

Not all affiliate packages are created equal (soon you’ll find out why) although there are plenty of good ones on the market.

However this is only the tip of the associated iceberg – there is much more to be taught.

This information covers 20 of the best affiliate packages for recurring commissions and I have included a desk of content below.

Feel free to jump around the sections that most interest you.

Let’s dig!

First, let me clear some basics about the affiliate program.

Affiliate Programme is of two types:-

1.One time Commission Based Affiliate Programme

2.Recurring Income Affiliate Programme

1.One time Commission Based Affiliate Programme

Amazon Affiliate Programme

You sell one product of Amazon, you will get one time commission.

In this type of affiliate programme you will get on product sell commission.

I mean to say that if you are making effort to sell one, two or many more product then you are getting one time commission on each sell of  product.

 2. Recurring Income Affiliate Programme

In this type of Affiliate Marketing Programme, you will get Recurring Commission.

Here, I want to say that if you are making effort to sell or generate one leads then you will get recurring fixed commission until the product is used.

What Is A Recurring Affiliate Program?

A recurring affiliate program is one that pays you a commission for every little thing your customer buys.

For example, people who introduce someone into the funnel with a lower-priced product will later receive a commission even after purchasing a higher-priced product.

Some affiliated apps have a time limit, although others are for all time.

These are known as “lifelong recurring affiliate apps”, they are usually the most effective.

Who doesn’t love getting paid all the time?

Why Affiliate Programs With A Recurring Fee?

There are some obvious benefits of a recurring fee affiliate program.

As time passes and your prospects buy more, you keep getting paid.

Another benefit is that you get the urge to spend a lot of money, time and energy in the funnel at first.

As an alternative to fighting tooth and nail by having someone buy an expensive product, you can prevent this with just an entry-level offering.

For example, let’s say you need to run Facebook ads.

Associates love recurring commissions as a result of NUMBER 1. It’s easy to get people through the door and number 2 you retain and pay overtime (usually indefinitely).

Businesses prefer recurring commissions because they mean higher gross sales that they would not have received otherwise.

This is probably the best way for all concerned to earn more money online.

Potential Downsides of Recurring Commissions

As superior as recurring commissions are, there are just a few potential downsides to contemplate. 

For one, it may be good to promote higher-priced merchandise as a part of an everyday associates program. 

This way you’ll get to money out with a single MASSIVE one-time fee instantly.

Recurring affiliate programs solely work with companies that have excessive buyer retention.

In any other case, they’ll unsubscribe earlier than you have got an opportunity to make an honest ROI.

General although, I feel you’ll discover that recurring affiliate programs are the way in which to go.

They permit you to stack passive revenue on relative autopilot.

And so long as you goal-certified leads and choose profitable corporations.

They need to keep subscribed and the commissions will preserve rolling in.

20 Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income

1. Leadberry

Leadberry is a web-based B2B lead generation software program that converts website visitors into gross sales leads.

It is powered by Google Analytics.

This is my favorite affiliate recurring program. The reason for which is to give lifetime commission through it.

For every new client you refer, Leadberry grant you a fixed $25 commission.

From the second paying month for the PRO plan.

As long as that person remains a paid customer of Leadberry, you will receive a 15% lifetime fee from the referred client’s funds.

When you earn $100, Leadberry pays your cash payment via PayPal or a transfer to a financial institution.

The commission is paid approximately 30 days after the funds become available.

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2. AccuWebHosting

AccuWebHosting.Com is a highly rewarding Fixed Charge Affiliate Program offering with a multi-tiered fee.

In this affiliate program, you earn a commission of up to $200 for each registration.

Also, with its new module, you will receive an additional commission for every customer-submitted on its website, even if they do not buy the plan/service.

Additionally, you do not have to be an AccuWebHosting buyer to enroll in its affiliate program.

Every time your guests click on your affiliate link and visit our website, you will be eligible to earn additional commission for that referral.

Some points regarding AccuWebHosting Affiliate Program

  • Flat price excessive fee ranging from $25 as much as $200 per sign up
  • Extended cookie lifetime of 90 days
  • It pays you for every signup, plus each customer you convey to our website
Accuweb hosting
Globally recognized web hosting company

3. Brand24

Brand24 is the simplest technology to monitor your model or product on the web.

Furthermore, it is a software that measures the sentiments surrounding your model, product or key phrase.

Start earning money by selling our product.

Share its unique referral link and collectively earn $300 per profitable referral.

It provides 20% Recurring Commission on each Paid Lead.

It provides you Promotional Materials like Banner, Video.

4. A-Ads

A-ads is the first crypto-promoting community available in the market.

You can Increase your affiliate revenue with a-ads

  • HTML code embed for any website or app
  • Earn as much as 10% of your referrals
  • Manual moderation of every advertisement

Invite new advertisers along with your referral hyperlink and get half of its charges (~10% of their spendings) throughout 6 months with no bills! 

No registration wanted, simply create an advert unit of any kind to get your affiliate link, it ought to take lower than a minute!

You will also receive 50% of advertising fees collected from your referrals during the first 6 months as rewards. 

5. DoodStream

With DoodStream you can Make money by sharing videos.

You can also add & share your videos to make money online.

Earn 10% earnings of every referral for a lifetime.

Additionally, you will earn 30% in case your referral purchases a premium account together with recurring purchases.

DoodStream - Upload videos share & make money

6. Trezor

Will you have a Youtube channel, blog about cryptocurrencies, digital safety, funds, investing, or applied sciences?

You might have a fantastic alternative to create attention-grabbing content material and earn at the identical time.

Be a part of Trezor associate’s program to advertise the hardware wallet Trezor.

And earn whereas serving to unfold the data about safety.

Why you turn out to be an Trezor affiliate?

  • You’ll earn a 12% – 15% referral fee for every sale.
  • Month-to-month payout via wire switch or Bitcoin.
  • Wire Switch (USD, EUR, and CZK) or Bitcoin.
  • Promo supplies.
  • Banners, texts, movies… all the things are prepared for your use.
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7. PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is the one of the most profitable affiliate programs in the world.

This is an amazing referral platform where you Introduce clients and Get up to $1,250.

PrimeXBt has 3 Types of Referral Programe:-

(1) Classic

  • Revenue share 70%
  • Earn stable income with this revenue sharing offer.
  • Receive up to 70% of all trading fees paid by your referred users.

(2) Popular

  • Up to $1,250 CPA
  • One of the most profitable CPA offers on the market today!
  • Get paid between $40 – $1,250 for every qualified trader you introduce to the PrimeXBT platform.

(3) Classic CPA + Revenue share

  • This is PrimeXBT hybrid offer where you will receive a fixed pay for every eligible lead, and after, you will get a revenue share every time your referrals trade.

8. Fiverr

You can Promote the leading marketplace for freelance services.

And get paid to drive traffic. 

You can boost your earnings by driving traffic to Fiverr. 

Earn up to $1000 for a single conversion.

Benefits of Fiverr Affiliate

  • A major part of the income

    Receive a commission for every first-time buyer, no referral restrictions, and a feature for life

  • Qualified help

    Get access to qualified support, tutorials, and a dedicated Affiliate Supervisor

  • Intuitive dashboard

    Easy-to-use dashboard to launch, manage and monitor campaigns

  • Inventive sources

    An inventive, high-yield property portfolio to help you promote

The commission given by Fiverr

Fiverr CPA

  • 15 and 150 USD

Fiverr Hybrid

  • $10 CPA+ 10% Revshare
    Fixed CPA for the first purchase and 12 months Revshare

9. LarvelFaucet

You will get 10% of referral commission on every task except Daily rewards.

This is the best crypto earning site with multiple works.

What is the work at LarvelFaucet?

  • PTC Ads
  • Offerwalls
  • Daily Rewards
  • Faucet 
  • Tasks
Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income

10. QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a leading provider of accounting and financial management software and service solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, consumers, and accounting professionals.

You can earn $50 USD cash referral bonuses for every paid subscription received on your behalf.

It also gives Bonus earning opportunities.

  • $150 for each sale of QuickBooks Online Advanced after the referral has been a paid subscriber for 60 days
  • $70 for each sale of QuickBooks Online Plus after the referral has been a paid subscriber for 60 days
  • $40 for each sale of QuickBooks Online Essentials after the referral has been a paid subscriber for 60 days
  • $15 for each sale of QuickBooks Self-Employed after the referral has been a paid subscriber for 60 days
  • $25 for each sale of QuickBooks Online Simple Begin after the referral has been a paid subscriber for 60 days

11. Adsanity

Adsanity is Simplified Ad Management For WordPress.

In the AdSanity affiliate program you can earn 20% of the subscription price for every sale made with your affiliate link.

Signing up is easy, and once you do, you can access your affiliate panel by logging into the site.

You will receive the payment through PayPal.

The minimum threshold is $ 25.

adsanity affiliate ad white Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income

12. Answer The Public Affiliate Programme

There are 3 billion searches on Google every day, and 20% of them have never been seen before.

They are new.

People who are trying to find details about their key phrase in a different way for the first time.

Knowledge of discoveries is only a “moment of time”.

In order to get a real understanding of how people really believe and feel, habits must be closely monitored.

Search listener alerts do this for you.

When you become its affiliate partner, you will get  30% commission on all payments.

13. PipeFlare

PipeFlare is an Online Arcade And Gaming Community.

As an Affiliate Partner You will get:-

  • You get a free spin worth up to $5 for each of your first 5 referrals.
  • Earn up to 100% commissions on every claim.
  • Faucet Earnings
  • Game Earnings
  • Store Earnings
  • Staking Earnings
  • NFT Purchases

14. EsFaucet

EsFaucet is a Multicryptocurrency Faucet Affiliate Programme.

Most Faucet will allow you to claim in Every Hour or One Time in a Day.

But Esfaucet is completely different, it is likely that you determine how often you want to claim.

Every minute, every hour that passes, your amount of recoverable crypto is replenished on its faucet.

As an Affiliate Partner You will get:- 

  • For each referral, you and the referred person get 2500 ES-Coin.
  • And you will get 20% of the claim of the referred person.
  • With the ES Coin Level, you can get an increase in the daily claims.
  • You can get a bonus of up to 150% within the weekly bonus amount.

15. WordPress

WordPress (or “Automattic Affiliate Program”) is a program for affiliates to advertise, Jetpack, and WooCommerce to earn affiliate rewards.

This system was created for WordPress professionals together with website and plugin builders, designers, theme creators, and others who’re a part of the WordPress ecosystem and its related products.

The marketing charges are decided roughly 45 days after the end of the month through which the Qualified Buy is recorded.

Funds are then processed and despatched to affiliates between the 16th of the month and the last day of the month.

For instance, between the 16th and the end of March, funds will probably be made for January sales.

you are eligible to obtain 20% of qualifying buy quantities really obtained by Automattic.

Services eligible to be qualifying purchases are:- Annual Paid Plans All

Jetpack: Backup Day by day, Backup Actual-time, Anti-Spam, Scan, Safety Day by day, Safety Actual-time, Search, and Full.

Purchases should be made within 30 days from the time a brand new consumer clicks in your affiliate link.

For Jetpack purchases, new purchases made by a current consumer who has not made any earlier purchases should still qualify.

Purchases made after a consumer clicks on a special affiliate link or ad are ineligible.

It only makes payments by way of PayPal.

16. Aweber

Advertising and business email marketing is generally a very effective source of income for you.

Become an Affiliate Marketer and start recommending referral links to your social media.

Benefits Of Aweber Affiliate Marketing

  • 30% recurring referral payments
  •  365-day cookie duration
  •  Dedicated advocate management
  •  Variety of creative assets
  •  Customer referral tracking
  •  No cost
  •  Get paid every month

17. Tapfiliates

Tapfiliate allows you to create, view and manage your personal internet affiliate referral and marketing applications.

Its affiliate monitoring software program integrates seamlessly with your website.

So you can start using Internet affiliate marketing to grow your business in a matter of minutes.

Getting started is simple.

All you want to do is join Tapfiliate Affiliate Programme.

You will be given your personalized referral link.

And access to your personal dashboard with advertising and marketing supply and efficiency stories.

Share your referral link on social media, by email, in blogs, on websites, or just with your family and home.


We offer a 20% recurring commission (for the primary 6 months) from each paying buyer you refer.

This means that you can earn a fee for every profitable fee you receive from customers for the first 6 months.

So by referring only 10 clients, you can already earn at least $138 per month.

The commission is paid only when referred customers enter the paid plan after a 14-day trial.

There is no limit to the number of referrals you can send, so the more additional clients you refer, the more you earn.

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18. Ezoic

Ezoic is a multifunctional software for online publishers who want to increase their advertising revenue.

It’s free to use and only takes a quarter of an hour to get started.

After that, publishers are in their art of earning 50% to 250% more thanks to Ezoic’s renowned ad testing expertise.

The Ezoic Referral Program is for individuals who want to introduce the Ezoic platform to various website owners and digital publishers.

By submitting or signing up for Affiliate Programme for Ezoic, members of the referral program will be entitled to a monthly fee.

Primarily based on the earnings of website owners or publishers who are part of the platform as a result of your suggestion.

All Affiliate Partners must submit to the website owner or publishers to receive a credit rating for the record.

They would then sit back and collect passive income for all site visitors monetized through Ezoic.

Benefits of referral program

  • Earn 3% of the total revenue on all site visitors they submit through Ezoic using the Ezoic Platform for their lifetime.
5e6adcf5b838c Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income

19. Astra

Partner with Astra and earn cash for every person you refer.

Receive a 25% recurring commission as long as your referee uses Astra.

Make the internet a safe zone and get a commission for it.

With Astra’s <3% cancellation fee, you can probably depend on an extra supply of passive income for years.

Easily view your link impressions, clicks, conversions, balances, funds, and efficiency reviews in the affiliate dashboard.

Consider and optimize your campaigns.

20. UltraCupid

UltraCupid is a Dating Affiliate Program.

When you have a blog, website, or social media account where you want to share its affiliate link to earn a good commission, this is the system for you.

The way to work

Once you have signed up for UltraCupid Affiliate Program and are approved as an affiliate.

You will be provided with a series of text banners and links to place on your website.

When visitors to your website click on one of your links, they will be redirected to the UltraCupid website.

And its affiliated software program will be able to track their practice.

You will earn fees for new subscription updates from people referred to on the Affiliate website by using your affiliate links.


Pay per Sale 75% for each newly upgraded subscription you submit.

The Online Dating Site for Singles

10 Ways To Promote Recurring Affiliate Programs

There are very few ways to leverage your current business/online presence to advertise your affiliate programs.

In general, there are some essential factors to remember:

To start, only suggest products that may suit your audience’s desires.

If you don’t offer value, don’t advertise (even while paying 50% commission).

Also, it’s important to limit the number of products you can sell at any one time.

Alternatively, choose just a few that you already know that can seriously help your audience grow your business.

In the same observation, avoid selling products that are too comparable as they will compete with each other in the mind of your audience.

It’s best to recommend only one product for each type of pitfall your audience is facing.

With these items in mind, listed here are some of the best ways to sell affiliate programs:-

1. Digital Summit

Digital summits are one of the best ways to promote your personal brand, build an email list, and promote your personal products.

However, they can be a great platform to promote affiliate products from the very beginning.

I take advantage of this technology after hosting my own virtual conferences.

And generally make more money from gross affiliate sales than all-access passes.

The secret is to advertise products that can be had with the occasion and the wishes of your audience in mind.

2. Demonstrations and Video Tutorials on YouTube

Posting video tutorials and product reviews on YouTube is undoubtedly one of the most practical ways to become the number one ally.

Movies get more engagement than different media.

And a well-explained demonstration can offer a transparent picture of what the software can do.

They are often particularly adept at reassuring others that they will be able to use the software without feeling overwhelmed.

3. Include Affiliate Products in Current Blog Posts

You will have a bonus if you already have blog content on topics that may be related to your affiliate products.

For example, when you have an article about starting a blog.

So you can include software program suggestions for autoresponders, website builders, and advertising and marketing tools like WriteMessage or Funlytics.

4. Write Unique Product Reviews

In-depth product reviews are another great advertising and marketing technique.

I have a ton of epic product reviews on my personal branding blog:-

  • Convertkit
  • Leadpages vs Clickfunnels
  • Clickfunnels
  • Funnel script
  • Funnel Builder Secrets
  • Funnel hacks
    … and The One Funnel Away Challenge (just to call some)

Take screenshots, explain step-by-step how each feature works, and provide a credible goal recommendation (this includes sharing the unhealthy as well as the pleasant).

When you write really trustworthy reviews and target the right key phrases, these articles can be really efficient.

5. Investigation of the case

Case research and testimonials are some of the best and fastest ways to persuade people to buy.

If you already know someone who has had great success with the product you are selling.

So ask if you’re ready to tell your story.

You can find research on this matter included in current blog articles, in-depth reviews, and emails.

6. Email Marketing and Advertising Automation

When you have an onboarding sequence that you just sent to all your new customers.

So consider adding your affiliate products to them.

You can do this in conjunction with your weekly posts and other messages you send frequently.

7. Assets Web Page

I have a resource page where I list all my favorite products.

When people see that you are profitable, they naturally want to know.

What tools do you use, and a helpful resource website is the right way to promote them.

I am not an affiliate for all of the services and products on our Useful Resources website, although it does include many affiliate links.

8. Offer Your Audience Unique Bonus Offers

You can always sweeten the situation with your personal bonus.

For example, I offer my Epic Bonus experience with many of the PartnerStack products I promote.

This technique becomes especially important when various high-ranking affiliates are working on comparable offerings.

By offering even bigger deals, you can beat the competition.

9. Online Courses / Teaching

Secure software programs have a fair study curve, especially for non-technical people.

If the affiliate product you’re selling is a bit complicated, it can be helpful to create a short online course on how to use it.

It is also possible to offer group learning calls where people can ask questions about the product.

The more comfortable your customers are with the product, the more likely they are to remain customers (which suggests additional recurring affiliate commissions).

10. Services

When you do advertising and marketing, web optimization, or major small business technology.

So you can recommend some merchandise as an additional service to your buyers.

Next, take advantage of the tools at your side.

For example, you can request the execution of Facebook ads.

Over time, you can splurge and continue with your membership revenue commission.

Conclusion of the post-Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income.

As you know that right now the penetration of the internet is going on all over the world.

Internet penetration will increase mobile and laptop users.

This is a good environment to work in affiliate marketing.

That’s why you brace yourself and jump into the world of affiliate marketing.

In this post, you have been given information about the 20 Best Affiliate Programs for Recurring Income, which you can use as your entry.

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  • What is the highest-paying affiliate program?

    Here is the top pick up a highest-paying affiliate program:-

    Leadberry, AccuWeb Hosting, Brand24, A-Ads, DoodStream, Trezor, PrimeXBT, Fiverr, LarvelFaucet, QuickBooks, Adsanity  

  • How do you promote recurring affiliate products?

    There are many ways to promote recurring affiliate products. The promotion way plays an important role in your affiliate commission. The way through which you can promote your affiliate products are:- 

    • Social Media like Facebook, Twitter 
    • Blog
    • YouTube

  • What are recurring affiliate programs?

    Recurring affiliate programs are a great source of passive income. In this program, you sell someone else’s product on social media or to someone you know. So you get a commission of a certain percentage. Simply put, as soon as you join an affiliate program, you get an affiliate link. Share the same affiliate link on your social networks. To know more you can visit my blog and consult the affiliate section.

  • What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?

    There are many affiliate marketing programs for beginners but here I will tell you only Ten:-

     PartnerStack, Amazon Affiliate, Rakuten Affiliate Marketing, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, Impact, VigLink, JVZoo, Awin.

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