Uncommon Rs 1 Currency Note Can Make You Earn Rs 7 Lakh Online

Uncommon Rs 1 Currency Note Can Make You Earn Rs 7 Lakh Online

Uncommon Rs 1 Currency Note Can Make You Earn Rs 7 Lakh Online

If you like to collect old coins and notes.

Especially those coins which are not in use at that time.

Therefore, there is an opportunity to win an excellent sum of money by choosing these tickets.

These days one rupee and two rupee coins are old.

And the old one rupee, two rupee and five rupee bills are being auctioned online for hundreds of thousands of rupees sitting at home.

These auctions and transactions take place online.

Of these, up to Rs 7 lakh has been offered on one rupee note.

When you see an unusual 1 rupee note from your collection.

Then you also have a chance to win such a huge amount.

Significantly, about 26 years ago, the Government of India had banned the Re 1 note.

But it was reprinted in January 2015.

And then it was released in a new form.

However, these old and unusual banknotes can cost you a substantial amount.

However, the situation is that these notes should be pre-independence.

These particular Re 1 notes were issued in 1935 under the British Raj.

These notes should also bear the signature of the then Governor JW Kelly.

It should also be noted that a 1957 rupee coin note will cost you Rs 57,000.

And its 1966 model can be found for Rs 45,000.

One condition, in this case, is that it should be signed by Hirubhai M. Patel, former chief secretary of the finance ministry.

If you find such banknotes in your collection.

so that you can promote these tickets in cash or online.

How to auction this note online:-

First, go to the CoinBazar website.

Create an account by submitting your details like identity, email id, and full address.

So you can probably start promoting coins or banknotes on the website.

You will have to remove or inspect the coin and find the value you trust.

Buyers will contact you immediately.

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