Best Stock Broker In India 2020 – HP Liga

Best Stock Broker In India 2020 – HP Liga


Best Stock Broker In India 2020 – HP Liga

When you ask in the market or any of your friends or relatives(Trader), where to open a Demat account? Then comes the same stereotypical answer that they will tell the name of a financial institution.

This is true, there are many financial institutions that open Demat accounts. But not all institutions are good for trading. Then it comes to mind where to open a trading account?

First, let me clear you,

What is a Demat Account?

Just like we keep our cash in a bank account, similarly, a Demat account is required to hold Financial securities (Shares).

It means:-

Demat Account is a Financial security holder in electronic form. You can’t keep shares in physical form. 

What is Trading Account?

If you want to buy & sell financial securities (share) then you need Trading Account. 

It means:-

Trading Account is an account where the buy & sell of shares occurred. 

Note:- For Trading Account, you need Demat Account.

In simple language, we can say:-

When we buy and sell shares, it is on the exchange where a trading account is required. But when the exchange is closed, your trading is settled and your share comes in your Demat account. It takes three to five days for shares to be transferred from your trading account to a Demat account.

One more thing, if you are going to open a Demat account, you will also open a trading account as well.

The trading account is opened only once. After that you will open a Demat with anyone, then your Demat and trading account will be opened in one or two days.

Now coming to the topic Best Stock Broker In India 2020 – HP Liga.

And now it is:-

Best Stock Broker In India 2021 – HP Liga


Which is the best stock broker?

The Hpliga is India’s fastest Growing Stock Broker. This is my personal experience which I have gained from the financial market i.e Equity and Commodity.

I opened Demat accounts and trading accounts with many financial institutions like Axis Direct, Upstox, Ventura & HP Liga. But I felt the most affordable Hpliga.

Why I am saying Hpliga is the most affordable because it has the lowest Demat maintenance charge and Trading fees.

You can compare,-

Which one is the Best Stock Broker In India?

Account Opening  & Maintenance Charges For Equity & Commodity.


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What is the Brokerage Charges  For Hpliga, Axis Direct, Upstox, & Ventura


Note:-Ventura Brokerage charge varies according to their Plan, though Ventura provides different Brokerage plan depending on Deposit of Money at the time of opening of Account. Your Deposit amount transfer to your trading account.

How much Margin Money Given  by Hpliga, Axis Direct, Upstox, & Ventura   


HP Liga Features                                                                                                                          

  • Instant account opening
  • Provide daily top 10 picks free
  • SEBI approved Charting Platform
  • Free Diamond trading
  • SEBI Approved Buy Sell Charting
  • Lowest Brokerage in India 0.01%
  • No AMC-Annual Maintenance Charge
  • Cash transfer at Zero Charges
  • Live Intraday Graph
  • Provide Dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Quick Response From Help Desk
  • 10 Times Margin for Option Selling
  • Technical Support
  • Zero Software Set up Cost
  • No Cost for Mobile Trading APP
  • Zero cost for Trading Tips on SMS
  • Zero balance Demat account
  • Up to 6% interest on your trading account balance
  • Smart transfer feature to transfer between saving & trading account
  • 30 Times Intraday margin for commodity trading
  • Highest Intraday Margin

The highest Intraday margin of 20 Times for Equity Segment and 2 Times for Equity Delivery.

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At Last:-

Intraday trading is risky and can become your habit. Share market is good for long-term investment purposes but not good for intraday trading purposes. In intraday trading, you may lose your capital. How many people have opened fire on the street due to stock and commodity intraday trading, so many people have reached sky-high.

Thumb rules of Intraday Trading

  1. Control over your greed
  2. Don’t play every day
  3. Do not trade as soon as the market opens
  4. Do trading only once a day
  5. Knowledge of the market
  6. Seek advice from experts
  7. Don’t depend on the market advisor

Open Account with Hpliga 


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